GloriousMe inspires like a good friend with ideas and suggestions, that make daily life healthier and more beautiful.
We never lose sight of glamour. Precisely because we know how hectic and exhausting every day can be,
we focus on realistic ideas for a healthy lifestyle: Charisma, calcium and champagne are always a good idea.


Maike Siever: Many women love well-made magazines. Typically, one tears out interesting pages with tips or product ideas. The pages then disappear in various boxes or other archives, are forgotten and cannot be found when they are needed. We want to make good ideas accessible anytime and anywhere with an electronic format.


Karin M. Klossek: So it was on a dark, rainy day over Wiener schnitzel and Riesling that the idea of GloriousMe was born. We want to present topics like beauty and healthy lifestyle in a stylish and realistic way. For all those who want much more than product presentations and press releases.

Karin M. Klossek: We live GloriousMe. For years, we have been testing beauty products and exploring a wide variety of healthy lifestyle philosophies and techniques. We are convinced that it only works in this combination: there is no miracle cream, no matter how expensive it is. There is no way around mindfulness, exercise and a healthy lifestyle if you really want to look good.


Maike Siever: The time I spend in Asia also sharpens our openness to many topics around beauty and vitality from this part of the world. There is a wealth of knowledge here that we can integrate very well into the hectic lifestyle of our western world.

Maike Siever: We live in a fantastic, but also very fast time. The demands placed on every woman today are enormous. That is precisely why it is important to think about yourself every day. Some days humour helps, others realism or a pinch of glamour. All this is in GloriousMe.

Karin M. Klossek: Dropping by GloriousMe for a few minutes at the end of a long, intense day is like a little journey that inspires you to try new things.

Karin M. Klossek: We are trusted. This trust is a high value for us. We only recommend things that we have tried ourselves and are convinced of their benefits or whose effectiveness has been proven in qualitatively validated medical studies.

Maike Siever: Less is more. We have worked together for many years for big brands and could see again and again: Only quality prevails in the long term. The content of the brand is crucial for long-term success.

Karin M. Klossek | Founder and Editor Glorious Me

Worked in Auckland, Sydney, London and Frankfurt for brands in fashion, financial services and health with a focus on strategic brand management. A number of these works for corporate brands can be seen here: www.gloriousbrands.net

Loves good food, opera, architecture, fashion and modern dance. Believes in style versus fashions. Is excited to discover and share new things every day.


“Whoever wants to be happy all the time must change often” Confucius

Maike Siever | Founder and Editor Glorious Me

The design culture of Switzerland as well as the education in Canada were formative stations for the development of international brand identities in the fields of cosmetics, health and industry. A number of these works for corporate brands can be seen here: www.gloriousbrands.net

Today lives in Frankfurt and Asia and is always fascinated by the dynamics of Bangkok.

Architecture, stage dance, photography and cinematic highlights are pursued with true passion and talents are actively promoted. Believes in aesthetics and quality in all areas, including culinary and all facets of travel.


“The average gives the world its continuance, the extraordinary its value” Oscar Wilde