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Julia Stoschek Collection

In the former Czech cultural center, the architect Johanna
Meyer-Grobrügge a modern maze of light and dark
rooms, light curtains and discreet furnishings.
There you can lose yourself for hours in the best video art in the Julia Stoschek collection. But hurry. This wonderful media art venue will only exist in Berlin until the end of 2022.

Re-think your previous plans for Berlin and schedule a visit to the Julia Stoscheck Collection Berlin while it’s still possible. Allow yourself time to see Julia Stoschek’s outstanding collection of modern media art in Berlin (Leipziger Straße 60, 10117 Berlin). You won’t regret taking the time to see these outstanding examples of modern media art.

In GDR times, this building housed the Czech Cultural Center. Today you go from room to room and in former bathrooms, small offices and large representation rooms you can find exciting media art from the collection of Julia Stoschek, which has its main rooms in Düsseldorf (Schanzenstraße 54, 40549 Düsseldorf). A look at the Internet reveals the respective exhibition and opening hours.

Julia Stoschek has been collecting since 2004 and has consistently focused on the subject of media works. So you can enjoy the best that is available worldwide of these works and lose yourself in a world between brutal reality, fantasy, cynicism, humor and strangeness.

A room concept worth seeing

The rooms have been stylishly designed by architect Johanna Meyer-Grobrügge, who worked for Sanaa’s Tokyo office for a long time, with graceful furniture, elegant light fixtures, bright floating curtains, and a reminder or two of the 1950s, so that in addition to the media works, the rooms are also a visual delight. A valuable enrichment for the art scene of Berlin, a jewel of quality – it is worth planning enough time for this.

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