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A simple test
for the right lipstick colors

Every woman needs five lipstick colors, depending on the occasion, mood and outfit. However, the image in the mirror is often deceptive. Much more effective is a picture.

The lighting conditions in our own bathroom, in hotel rooms, the car mirror, the toilet in the restaurant or other places where we quickly apply lipstick are deceptive. The closeness we assume to the mirror makes the color of the lipstick look different from the impression we want to achieve in combination with hair color, skin color, other makeup, outfit, etc.

Here is a simple trick: ask your girlfriend, husband or other nice people to take pictures of you on different occasions. A picture taken from a few meters away and then viewed on the computer screen shows in the overall picture how you look with the particular lipstick color. It is worth the effort and critical look to sort out colors and find the best colors for the best impression.

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