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Lobmeyr Glass

An incomparable drinking experience

Even if you have always valued good glasses, the pleasure of drinking from Lobmeyr glasses is a further increase.
The fine glass allows you to recognize taste nuances even more clearly.

Why Lobmeyr is one of the best shops in the world.

Crown Prince Rudolf wrote to his brother-in-law Prince Philipp von Coburg on the occasion of the birthday of Leopold II of Belgium in 1885:

“Dear Philip! I put a lot of effort into the matter of choosing a present for our father-in-law’s 50th birthday and came to the conclusion that beautiful glass objects from the Lobmeyrs factory would be the most suitable. It is an Austrian specialty and a true adornment of our industry…”

This praise is still valid today.

Lobmeyr is run as a family business in the sixth generation and has been carefully introduced into modern times. For example, the drinking set no. 2 purchase that Josef Lobmeyr sen. designed in 1835, the No. 4, by Ludwig Lobmeyr, a draft from 1856, the no. 238 by Josef Hoffmann and the no. 248 by Adolf Loos.

At this point at the latest, connoisseurs of Viennese design history nod and think of the famous Wiener Werkstätten, which with the design movement of the Secession broke away from the historicism of previous years and whose style-defining design language can still be discovered in many places in Vienna today.

Timeless style

It is not a matter of course that these glass designs are still available today. Many other glass manufacturers have thrown their history overboard and are chasing after the zeitgeist. This question never arose for Lobmeyr.

Because many designs, for example by Josef Hoffmann, seem so up-to-date that the year in which their design was created could just as easily be 2017 instead of 1917.

In their “Beauty” exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt am Main in spring, the designers Sagmeister & Walsh drew attention to Lobmeyr and the glass designs by Adolf Loos with several exhibits. From the point of view of the two sought-after designers, they are the expression of pure beauty.

Filigree works of art for enjoyment

Lobmeyr’s technical ability to produce wafer-thin muslin glass of outstanding elegance has also inspired designers such as Ted Mühling, Mark Braun and Ilse Crawford, whose current designs are also characterized by filigree texture and elegance.

You won’t find loud, bulky designs at Lobmeyr, unless you want to have a special series made for your own hunting lodge or yacht. The customer is still king here.

An oasis of taste in the middle of Vienna

If you are fascinated by glass and history, you should visit the Lobmeyr headquarters at Kärntner Strasse 26 in Vienna. In the middle of the hectic pedestrian zone of Vienna’s city center you will discover a quiet oasis of taste. On the upper floor, in a small museum wing, you can view glass series from royal and princely households, and a look at the current wedding tables is an interesting study of the tastes of today’s bridal couples.

However, don’t let this influence you and, once you’re back on the ground floor, follow your individual taste. Most novices initially choose a few glasses to celebrate very special events.

The delicacy of the glass makes a decisive difference

The extreme delicacy of the glasses requires special caution. Once you have enjoyed your favorite wine from it, the difference to other glasses becomes obvious.

The historical glass sets usually have a smaller volume. This leads to drinking from it with more mindfulness and focus. The fine glass also allows a clear view of the color of the wine and this also increases the desire to beautify life with more Lobmeyr.

The new desire for chandeliers

In 1963 Lobmeyr was entrusted with lighting the then new opera house in New York, the Met. According to designs by Harald Rath, 31 chandeliers and 332 wall lights from Lobmeyr were installed in the Met in 1966.

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At the ceremonial opening, the first applause in the auditorium was for the lighting fixtures floating upwards. They have now become a trademark of the Met and promise an extraordinary experience even before the performance begins.

Chandeliers have experienced a renaissance in classic and modern designs and are increasingly to be found in private homes, restaurants and hotels. Lobmeyr chandeliers are also an elegant highlight in modern interiors.

A visit to the parent company in Vienna is also worthwhile because of the competent advice there. Especially when entering the world of Lobmeyr, the personal conversation to find out more about the historical or

Finding out about the current design background of the glass series, the manufacturing process and the philosophy of the Lobmeyer glass lines is an enriching experience.

The best Wiener Schnitzel under a Lobmeyr chandelier

After immersing yourself in the fascinating world of Lobmeyr and after the many considerations and the decision for glasses, carafes or one of the beautiful glass ball cans, do you have an appetite for a classic Wiener Schnitzel? Then direct your steps to Schubertring 10 – 12 and enjoy a perfect Wiener Schnitzel at Meissl and Schaden under the Lobmeyr chandeliers.

You will be served the delicious wine from the vineyards around Vienna from a gastronomic glass. But at the latest when you carefully unpack your Lobmeyr treasures from the box at home and hold them in your hand, you will immediately realize why these fine glasses are not used in gastronomy.

They’re just too tender for the hustle and bustle of a thriving restaurant. At home and treated with care, they guarantee a very special private luxury from what GloriousMe thinks is one of the best shops in the world.

You don’t live in Vienna? No problem. Shipping the delicate glasses by courier is no problem and works great. We gave it a try, of course, because by now you know GloriousMe well enough to know that we’re always on the lookout for more champagne glasses.

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