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Fresh berries from the region are available in Europe from May to September.
During this time it is worth eating as many as possible and benefiting from the
and benefit from their positive ingredients.

No matter which berry – they all have minerals, vitamins and plenty of fibre. The flavonoids they also contain have antioxidant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. The often small berries are a real powerhouse for your body.

But, the berries deliver these positive effects best when consumed as fresh and unprocessed as possible. In processed form or after long transport around the globe, the health effect is drastically reduced.

Therefore, take advantage of the time when the local berries are harvested and eat as many of them as possible. It is best to treat yourself to berries every day during this time. Together with yoghurt, oatmeal, a little cinnamon and, if you like, buttermilk, you can conjure up a healthy lunch within a few minutes that tastes great and lets you start the afternoon fit.

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Treat yourself to plenty of berries. For example, a bowl of raspberries, because important dietary fibres can hardly taste more delicious.

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