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Visual aesthetes usually hide their sports equipment in the closet or cellar
basement. Too many neon colours, too much functionality, mostly without any
claim to aesthetics. Who would keep a Deuser band, yoga mat or
yoga mat or a peloton in a room in which every other
detail fits perfectly? There is another way.

Sports equipment can become an attractive eye-catcher in the office, kitchen or living room. Steel dumbbells, cleverly placed in the office, are both an eye-catcher and a gentle reminder of sport. Breaks can be used sportily with them.

The beautiful bicycle does not look out of place in the hallway or even in the kitchen and reminds us that too much cream, delicious cheese, red wine and baguette must be laboriously worked off again.

A surfboard made of driftwood can become an attractive eye-catcher in the home. The very unique aesthetics of a surfboard made of wood that has washed up on the beach or has already graced the floor of a pub or the benches of an old church holds a high level of fascination even for non-surfers.

The strong character of the wood and the entire aura of the cool surf communities combine here with the sustainable idea of dealing with the natural material wood. The best example: the company Driftwood Surfboards in Cornwall, UK.

And if your mind is already on the beach, we have another nice recommendation for you: Instead of plastic bats for playing ball on the beach, you could buy a handmade beach ball set from The Beach Bat Company.

The beautiful looking sets are made in a small company in Yorkshire and the wood comes (of course) from local cherry and walnut trees or white ash.

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The bat sets are eye-catching in any room, will last for decades and you’ll be doing something good for nature at the same time, as the company makes a pledge to plant a new tree for every ball game set purchased.

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