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The ideal day to break with routine when it comes to eye makeup.

Every second counts during the week – it’s no wonder that Monday through Friday mornings are routine. The tried and tested kajal, the eye shadow in the color where nothing can happen and small mistakes are forgiven, the reliable mascara. Anything subtle enough to use it in the office or in front of a screen to look well-groomed, but not overly made up. Next Saturday, break out of that routine.

Saturday most of us have a little more time for morning eye makeup. Use this day to vary your makeup. Test a completely new color for the eye shadow.

Why not a dark red or orange instead of the usual beige brown? Why not a mascara in night blue, instead of the usual black shade? The pictures of the looks that professional make-up artists have chosen for the very specific expression of a designer’s catwalk show provide a variety of ideas for using kohl or eyeliner in a completely different way for a change and emphasizing completely different parts of the eye instead of the usual outline.

In most cases, no purchase of new cosmetic products is necessary before that. Almost in every household there is a box, in which the make-up purchases end up, which at second glance did not fit into the usual scheme. After some time, most of them are worth testing again or disposing of for good.

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You’ll see how liberating it is to style yourself in a completely different way, and Saturday is the perfect day to do it. It’s fun, and along the way it manages to take a little adventure out of the rather tedious Saturday shopping for basic groceries and other household items.

Sometimes a good idea and alternative for eye makeup remains, or you now know definitively that the purchase at the time was unfortunately a mistake. Then it will be at least a little emptier in the bathroom cabinet.

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