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The app for planes in the air

For all those for whom flying is a pleasure despite the elaborate and sometimes
rude safety checks as well as the very reduced pleasures
of budget airlines, there is still a certain fascination,
there is the app Flightradar24.

No matter where you are in the world, this app tells you which aircraft are currently in the airspace above you. The current view of the airspace over Los Angeles or London, for example, is fascinating and the admiration for the technology and the responsibility of the air traffic controllers grows immensely.

For each aircraft, the app provides a lot of information such as the flight number, departure and arrival location, aircraft type and airline….

You can experience a particular flight of your family or friends live, find out the altitude, speed and route of the flight. A 3D view shows you the pilot’s perspective in the cockpit. If you are sitting in the lounge waiting for your departure, the information in the app, as tested several times, is usually more up-to-date than the information on the screen or the announcements in the lounge.

Feeling wanderlust? Just hold your mobile phone against the contrail in the sky and FlightRadar24 will tell you whether the plane above you is currently on its way to Hong Kong, Bali or Shanghai.

The free basic version of the app already contains a lot of information. If you upgrade to the silver version, for 11.49 euros per year, the ads disappear and you get more information, for example about the age of the aircraft, where the aircraft is registered or the weather at the arrival point.

The absolute flight and aircraft enthusiasts can then delve into an almost infinite variety of information on each flight with the gold version for 39.99 euros per year. For example, information on wind strength and wind speed can be called up for each flight and current position of the aircraft.

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Often, however, you don’t want to know how old the aircraft you are about to board is or how stormy your loved one’s flight over the Andes is at the moment. Even the basic version provides fantastic information.

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