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10,000 steps per day

Good and bad habits are part of everyday life
with yourself and in the evening you’re already happy,
that one was able to meet all the demands of work and family life.
Nevertheless, this is a question worth asking:

How many steps did you take today?

The result can be very sobering. Instead of the 10,000 steps a day recommended by the WHO, on some days there are less than 1000 steps. Car, elevator, escalator, subway … the short, efficient daily shortcuts burn too few calories. So even on a hectic day when we felt we had done, worried and organized a lot, we did not move enough.

A fitness wristband is incorruptible: it not only counts the daily steps, but, in combination with a smartphone, also shows the heart rate, calorie consumption and sleep patterns. The indications on the display motivate us to compensate for deficits. During the evening balance it quickly becomes clear that one should go out into the fresh air again even without a dog. By the way, with an hour on the treadmill or running through the park or forest, you will pretty much reach the recommended daily dose. If you manage this unit in the early morning, you can look at the fitness belt during the day in a very relaxed manner.

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The data can be synchronized and analyzed with the smartphone, so that the training results can be observed over a longer period of time. Just give it a try. Seeing your actual workout in the evening can be a huge boost.

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