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Consistently beautiful and healthy

In some fashion photographs, the first thing the viewer sees is not the sophisticated dress or the interesting handbag. The model’s elegant, well-groomed feet are the most attractive. They magically attract the gaze.

Often they are forgotten

Almost everyone has a facial care ritual that has been refined over many years, into which new products and techniques are integrated from time to time. The feet, which bear the brunt of everyday life, cover hundreds of thousands of kilometers over the years and at the same time are among the most sensitive parts of the body due to their sensitive receptors, often receive far less attention.

If the feet react with malpositions or damage, the pain radiates to the entire body. Health promotion and aesthetics therefore speak in favor of taking the following points to heart from today and being rewarded with soft, beautiful, attractive feet.

Every day

1. Contrast showers

Every morning at the end of a warm shower, treat your feet to cold water.

2. Reflex massage ball

A small ball with a big impact. Get in the habit of rolling the soles of your feet over a reflex massage ball in the morning and evening. The easiest (and most efficient) way to do this is to combine it with a routine, such as brushing your teeth every day.

You will feel the effect immediately – the stimulus revitalizes your feet in the morning and gives you a good start to the day. In the evening, the stimulus activates tired feet so that you are fit to go out into the night again.

3. Deer tallow

Applying lotion in the morning is mandatory and should not be done with a velvety feel-good cream but with a preparation such as deer tallow, which has a noticeable effect and thus optimally prepares the feet for a long day.

4. Flight of fancy

Who wanted to do without elegant high heels? After the flight, however, it is time to change into sneakers or flat soles. Ideally, a different heel height should be chosen every day.

The daily wearing of sneakers, which are usually well cushioned or even more comfortable shoes, is not the last word. The foot needs variety in the form of thinner and thicker soles and different heel heights.

5. Gear shift

Feet like different gaits. Therefore, when walking, consciously shift gears up and down to vary the stress stimulus for your feet. For example, switch from a fast, rushed walk to a slow stroll, which you would otherwise only do in a museum or when visiting a gallery, and vice versa.

6. Of course

Try walking barefoot for at least 30 minutes every day.

7. Goodbye

Probably everyone who loves attractive shoes makes the same mistakes when buying from time to time: The shoe looks stunning on the foot; the shoe goes perfectly with the new outfit; the reduced price of the designer shoes is a bargain, but… unfortunately the fantastic shoe is no longer available in the perfect size, only half a size smaller.

That’s what happens when you try to calm yourself down and so shoes that are too tight always end up in the closet. They are then worn from time to time, although one knows exactly how the evening will end. Get rid of it now.

At least 1-2 times a week

1. Foot bath

Treat yourself to a lukewarm foot bath, for example with Dead Sea salt, as often as you can. Then massage in a short cold shower and a cream with nourishing ingredients such as cooling mint or fragrant rose.

If you then have the luxury of being able to slip into warm woolen socks, you should definitely treat your feet to it. You will immediately notice how these benefits for the feet are good for the entire body.

See Also

2. Foot massage

A good foot massage works wonders. Find a specialist and once you find him, stay loyal to him or her.

3. Foot gymnastics

Stand with both feet firmly on the ground in an upright posture, close your eyes and try to consciously feel the ground beneath your feet. This sounds simple, but requires a lot of concentration.

While standing, rock to ball of your foot and back. Squeeze your heels and big toes together while sitting cross-legged. Circle your ankles and straighten and stretch your forefoot up and down as far as you can. You can do the latter while lying down, but also at your desk. All no witchcraft.

It will only cost you 10 minutes, but in the long run it can save you a lot of time in doctor visits and especially pain.

Whenever possible.

1. Pedicure

Here, too, you often have to search a long time before you find someone who not only has the appropriate expertise but also the necessary sensitivity and thoroughness and possibly even the maintenance part with a pleasant foot

massage concludes. Don’t be stingy with praise and take this person on your hands.

2. Kneipp foot run

Hardly anyone has a Kneipp pool in their garden. However, more and more spas are investing in Kneipp pools or even offering Kneipp jogging trails, which offer additional stimuli for the feet with differently shaped stones on the floor. Whenever you see this, use it. In contrast to the sauna, you will usually be alone there anyway and can devote yourself to your feet in peace.

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