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You’re about to go outside for a run and suddenly the rain is knocking on your window panes? Don’t give up on your original plan, but look forward to a special intensive running experience in the rain. Creative thoughts also come easier afterwards. So get out in the rain, no excuse….

In addition to the positive effects of running on the circulation, muscles and oxygen supply, the relaxation experienced by body and soul through movement in the great outdoors is an invaluable asset.

We do not always succeed in switching off our thoughts and running in the here and now. Problems that are in front of us accompany us all too often even when we are jogging. We simply run past beautiful sight lines in the park or in the forest, lost in thought. Rain can be a good way to refocus our concentration on running and the landscape around us.

Feeling nature

The drops on our cheeks, the rainwater on our hands and arms and even the dirt of the puddles on our legs make us feel nature and its elements more intensely again. The ideal balance to office spaces and electrosmog. Of course, it makes sense to adjust your clothing a little, to choose a head covering and a light rain jacket.

But feel free to dress in such a way that you can consciously feel the drops of rain on your skin. You will probably run a little faster than usual in the rain and already feel that you have achieved something special with this run when you take off your wet, dirty running clothes.

You can be proud of yourself for not having chickened out. If you then also do something good for your muscles and senses after the hot shower with the SIEVER_S intact body oil, which contains the essential oils of lime, orange, lime, thyme and cypress, the feeling of well-being can hardly be increased.

More creativity when walking in nature

Back at your desk, your thoughts will run in more unconventional directions. An interesting study published by Marily Oppezzo and Daniel L. Schwartz (Standford University) in the Journal of Experimental Psychology came to the following conclusion: walking promotes the development of creative thoughts at the moment of activity and for a certain period of time afterwards.

This effect also occurs when moving on a treadmill in a building. When the test persons walked outdoors, the best results were seen in promoting their own creativity .

In the different study arrangements, it was also investigated whether diverse new impressions during running have an effect on the subsequent ability to solve problems innovatively or to have new ideas. The subjects therefore ran in one of the experimental set-ups in an environment with a lot of new stimuli, triggered by other passers-by, heavy traffic and a new environment.

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The difference to runners who ran in familiar and rather quiet areas was not significant. But, after all, we can all use every ounce of innovative thought. So there is nothing to be said against walking or jogging on the familiar “race track”, and even more to be said for not leaving your running shoes on when it rains. Because when it rains, most other passers-by stay at home and our surroundings are recreationally less stimulating.

In the best of company

Historically, you run in good company. It is reported of Ludwig van Beethoven that he repeatedly interrupted his work on new compositions to take a quick walk before bending over the music paper again. After he had finished his day’s work on compositions, he would dine and then take another long walk in the forest.

He usually carried a notepad with him to jot down further compositional ideas on his walk. Steven Jobbs, as his biographer writes, also consciously and gladly conducted many of his most important conversations while walking. So up, out and back to the screen with new thoughts, especially when it is raining outside.

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