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Not too much and not too little

The search for a product that puts soft shiny highlights on the cheeks can be gruelling.

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What in many catwalk shows puts certain parts of the face in the best light and makes the models look as if they hadn’t spent the last hours in a converted hall waiting for the make-up artist, but had been bathed in a slightly golden shimmering light by the last rays of a wonderful sunset, is not so easy to achieve.

Most of the products offered for this purpose disappear completely under make-up and powder, or they shimmer so strongly that the impression is created that one has forgotten to remove the shiny remains of a particularly intensive cream.

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However, the Pat McGrath Lab cosmetic line from the English make-up icon Pat McGrath offers a product that conjures up exactly the gentle shine on the face that you want to achieve: not too much and not too little.

Skin Fetish 003 Illuminator Gold is applied at the very end of the make-up on the areas of the face you want to emphasize: the cheekbones, the arches under the eyebrows and/or the temples. The intensity of the shine on the face is easily dosed and the shine lasts for several hours. Gently shimmering shine effects can also be achieved with the product on the décolleté or shoulder areas.

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