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With glittering copper, the eye make-up looks ultra-glamorous

Sometimes a particularly glamorous eye make-up is required. You feel like glitter at night, the location promises subdued light, you want to surprise with an unusual look this evening. There are many reasons to leave the subtle eye make-up paths for a night and have fun.

The Copper Eye-Shadow by Pat McGrath Lab is the first choice. The successful English make-up stylist, who is entrusted with the make-up of up to 80 fashion shows every year and who has developed the cosmetic lines for Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani, among others, is particularly known for her glittering color pigments.

That’s why glittering eye shadows play a key role in her own cosmetics line “Pat McGrath Lab”. The glitter powder comes with a special liquid that makes the eye make-up water-resistant and durable.

Copper is a strategically particularly clever choice. A copper tone goes with almost all skin and hair colors and gives a simple black outfit and many other dark colors a special radiance.

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Even a plain white T-shirt worn under a black jacket does not convey a lack of creativity when choosing clothes with the copper-glitter eye-shadow, but looks like a cool casual outfit à la Kate Moss.

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