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The Golden Rabbit

The Golden Rabbit

A garden paradise

The word paradise is meant literally:
The gardener’s heart will find excellent tools here,
Clothing and other things for the garden
presented so lovingly and skilfully that it really feels like it’s in the Garden of Eden.

Do we sound too cocky to you when we at GloriousMe talk about the best shops in the world? In our daily life and on our travels, we notice that these appealing shops run by competent owners are (unfortunately) becoming so rare worldwide that the categorization “The best shops in the world” is absolutely correct from our point of view.

We at GloriousMe are happy to present these shops, whose visit is an experience that no shopping platform, no matter how well designed, can ever offer.

You wouldn’t expect a shop for garden lovers in the Düsseldorf Flingern district, because parking spaces are rare in this lively district. Still, it’s worth the journey for any serious gardener, for anyone who is content with tending a green cactus but has a sense of aesthetics, or for those who have friends who are passionate about gardening and who share a loving relationship selected gift.

The offer at The Golden Rabbit ranges from sickles and rose scissors from Japan, Swedish garden axes, sickles from Austria, English garden boots and garden overalls to Portuguese soaps and small combs from Denmark, which are useful for the well-deserved break in the garden.

Horticultural competence paired with an unerring sense of aesthetics

The selection of the tools, the seeds and the things that make the time after work in the garden more beautiful, testifies to the competence of the owner Petra Wenzel, with whom you immediately notice in the conversation that she herself has already grafted many plants, removed weeds and roses has cut.

Petra Wenzel worked for many years as a museum director in the field of fine arts. Her sense of aesthetics and her knowledge of practical gardening since childhood result in a well-considered range that makes every gardener’s heart beat faster.

The sickles from Austria and Japan are so captivatingly beautiful that you are tempted to stroke their scythe blade and buy them immediately, even though you only have a small balcony in the big city.

Compared to the many huge garden centers and hardware stores in the countryside, where you wander through desolate aisles and look exhausted at the standard range of market leaders in the field of garden accessories, the eye is pleased with the excellent presentation of goods that pays due respect to outstanding craftsmanship.

The term curating is now being used in an inflationary manner. Here it applies: A fine selection, which is characterized by experience, competence and passion and with appreciation for craftsmanship, sustainability and beauty, gives pleasure to the experienced buyer and saves a long journey.

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Being trained in this way, you then handle your own rose scissors more carefully and start cleaning and oiling them after each use and draping them on butter-soft cotton instead of letting them fly quickly into the corner of the garden shed after the work is done.

If Düsseldorf is too far away for a visit to the shop, you can learn useful things about disposing of snails or deepen your knowledge of the differences between tulip varieties on The Golden Rabbit’s blog.

Once the appetite has been whetted, the click in the online shop is not far. As with all items from The Golden Rabbit, there is always a double delight: not only do things work so well that you can’t wait to get back in your gardening boots and pick up the tools. The desire for aesthetics is served to the same extent.

The garden overalls, tailored based on a model worn by the workers in the Royal Airforce hangars, ordered on a long ICE journey from The Golden Rabbit’s online shop, arrive on time and are so lovingly packaged that in the end you can even touch the paper material pleased with the bill.

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