“A little glamour belongs in every everyday life”.

Be it ever so stressful and exhausting. Like the famous cup Coffee, which sometimes simply has to be, to relax a little and To catch your breath before continuing.

GloriousMe provides suggestions that you can easily integrate into your daily routine as well as ideas and inspiration to try something new. The choice of topics and tips has a lot in common with us, the two founders of GloriousMe, Maike Siever and Karin M. Klossek, to do.

Our enthusiasm for quality and for brands that deliver what they promise determines the content of Glorious-Me. We know that there are no miracles for beauty and well-being, but that a healthy lifestyle, enjoyment, the joy of new discoveries and the aforementioned pinch of glamour are crucial. In short, we believe in charisma, calcium and champagne.

Try it out: With the GloriousMe newsletter you will receive expert tips and thoroughly researched recommendations that are fun to read. When travelling, GloriousMe will always be at your side in electronic form, so you can quickly look up the category of the champagne on the shelf in the French supermarket. Sign up for the free GloriousMe newsletter right now. Would you like to know more about how the idea of GloriousMe came about? >>> IDEA

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