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GloriousMe is a professional, commercial internet portal by two brand professionals, Maike Siever and Karin M. KIossek. We love brands that keep their promises. You can rely on us. We only recommend brands that we have bought and tested ourselves if we think they are outstanding.


In a number of articles we discuss products that we have paid for ourselves and for which we have no business relationship with their manufacturers. According to current case law, the fact that GloriousMe is well known and that we, as experienced brand experts, recommend brands that we ourselves think are outstanding, could be interpreted as advertising for these products.

In cases where there are business relationships with the manufacturers of these brands, we make this relationship transparent by means of appropriate advertising labelling.


The independence and authentic advice function of GloriousMe is important to the subscribers of our newsletter and the visitors of the GloriousMe internet platform. Advertisements and/or sponsorships are clearly marked. If products are made available to us, we make a note of this in our articles.

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We like to work with partners whose products convince us one hundred percent. There is the possibility of advertising, affiliate links and sponsorship. Due to our many years of experience in strategic brand management, we can also act as consultants for your brand. For more information see >>> Cooperations.


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