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Which cosmetic products can you save money on when you buy them, and which cosmetic products are worth spending more money on.

Cosmetic products

Especially in the case of cosmetic products, it is often the illusion that tempts us to invest a lot of money in products that are supposed to achieve the impossible, when we have once again had too little sleep and neglected sports and a healthy diet. Sometimes the trick works and we at least feel glamorous. Here are GloriousMe’s expert tips on where to save when shopping for cosmetics and where it’s sech worth investing. The list is based on extensive experience, many bad purchases and a long learning curve ….



Even a small fortune can’t give you the lashes you see in ads for mascara (small work of art in Photoshop). More important are the consistency to avoid lumps and the shape of the brush you are most comfortable with. A large selection of good mascara products can be found cheaply in drugstores.

Shower gel

Only the most intense aromas manage to penetrate the shower. Do you really want an attack of fragrance first thing in the morning? To feel fresh, even a cheap gel or soap will do.

Nail polish remover

Gentle variants are now also available for the very inexpensive versions.


An important utensil for well-groomed eyebrows, but here it depends more on the technique, a simple tool will do.

Foot cream

For feet that are stuck in breathtaking high heels for many hours from early morning runs to commuter trains, trains to the office and evenings, a foot cream is essential. Cheap deer horn tallow does the job better than any expensive, classy-smelling foot cream.

Nail polish

Great colors and fast drying also get cheaper brands. This allows you to play with interesting colors much more often. More important here is to look at the substances used. The more natural, the better.


A time-consuming issue, finding the ideal makeup to avoid looking whitewashed and chalky. Once you find a makeup that ideally complements your complexion and makes you look fresh because it has a light consistency, stick with it. This can also be an inexpensive product.

Eye make-up remover

Due to the very good quality of cheap brands a clear favorite to save.

Face cream for night

It sounds so tempting: go to bed with an expensive cream on your face and in the morning all the precious ingredients have done their job and you get out of bed like an English princess with skin like porcelain. Unfortunately, this does not work. The quality of sleep and how we get up in the morning depends on other factors. It is also better to avoid using face cream altogether at night from time to time, so as not to over-condition the skin, but to allow it to breathe overnight.

Sunscreen for the body

As long as the sun protection factor is correct and harmful additives are avoided as far as possible, even an inexpensive product will do. It is more important to always apply the sunscreen after every jump into the pool or the sea.



This is where it pays to invest. An expensive brush made of natural hair, with the ideal hair length and the right cut, lasts, well maintained, many years and the elegant eyeliner, eye shadow, contouring, etc. succeeds perfectly.


A powder completes the perfect impression. Its secret is not to be visible. <rr should also not dry out the skin too much. This is where the investment pays off.


The dual function of the lipstick is the reason why it is worth investing a little more money. A clearly defined color that perfectly matches the outfit makes a big difference compared to a color that is somewhere between coral, crimson and bordeaux.

The expensive brands clearly get the color definition better and the lipstick nourishes instead of extracting moisture. Important, the dry chapped lips are a no-go.

See Also

Face cream for the day

This is where you invest in a neat look for when the numbers are suddenly called round on your birthday. A good face cream must have a high sun protection factor, be easily absorbed into the skin and last 24 hours. Here, the more expensive products have the edge.

Decolleté cream

A wrinkled effect completely ruins any sophisticated neckline. Invest whatever you can in a really good decollete cream. Take comfort in the fact that the application is not necessary every day. All three days a week are enough and be happy to look in the mirror even after years.

Hand cream

A popular gift in the pharmacy and also available for small money. Well, until there was the hand cream from Aesop. Since then, the Save theme has moved to the Spend category.

Eye cream

The most sensitive area of the face needs an eye cream that cares, nourishes and does not cause any irritation. Invest.

False eyelashes

Hardly anything makes you look more glamorous than the skillful use of false eyelashes. You notice how the eyes linger longer on you, trying to figure out what makes you look like you’re just on your way to the Oscars.


The desired effect is a delicate touch of blush that brings freshness to the face without being noticeable. Here, the more expensive quality products clearly have the edge.

Sunscreen for face, hands and décolleté

Spend money on this and invest in a product with the maximum SPF that will make you look perfect, but by no means shiny.

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