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“A great hat can change your day”

There has been a treasure box in my wardrobe for many years: In it, an elegant hat for festive occasions Since it fits snugly to the head, it is suitable even for the opera. It’s fascinating that this hat doesn’t age over the years, but on the contrary, seems to become more fashionable from year to year.

The small but fine hat transforms even a plain outfit into a glamorous appearance. Insiders know to smile when they see it; the rest can be seen to wish they had the courage to wear hats too.

This little wonder comes from Fiona Bennet, born in 1966 in Brighton, UK, who has lived in Berlin since she was six. In 1992 she opened her first hat studio in Berlin-Mitte. It was there that I acquired the festive hat many years ago and since then one or two stylish sun hats have been added.

Artists and celebrities have long since discovered Fiona Bennet’s extraordinary talent. Christina Aguilera wore a Fiona Bennet hat creation for her appearance at an NBA event in New York, Sophie Rois in film projects and Ben Becker adorns Fiona Bennett’s creations at his exciting readings.

Fiona Bennet also offers custom-made hats for private clients. A worthwhile investment that adorns you extravagantly and very individually, protects you from the sun’s rays or snowflakes and leaves you with fond memories in any case.

At Potsdamer Straße 81, Berlin, Fiona Bennet opened a new shop concept with partner Hans-Joachim Böhme in 2012. A hat studio and gallery at the same time, the light-flooded rooms radiate pure joie de vivre and eccentricity. When you open the entrance door, you are greeted with the cheerful chirping of birds and a friendly welcome.


The knowledgeable ladies in the hat atelier are the perfect people to confide in. They are happy to hand over the beautiful hat creations, competently advise whether the brim of the hat model is too wide, the structure too high or too low, the hat flatters or not. So much expertise and honesty is rare to find.

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In England, the hat has a clearly defined role in many social events, from horse races and formal invitations to the garden to weddings.

Take the opportunity on your next visit to Berlin to find an outstanding talent in the art of millinery there, combining English humour and flamboyance in her hat creations and embrace Fiona Bennett’s motto: “So many hats and only one head”.

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