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Fresh, sassy art at its best
in Regent Park London

In October, the white tents of Frieze in Regent Park attract the important collectors, curators and gallerists from Europe and overseas to London. Modern art, but meanwhile also historical art at its best…

When the two founders of the art magazine Frieze, Amanda Mark and Matthew Slotover, established the art fair Frieze in 2003, London was an important center of established art, but in the field of contemporary art it had no comparable offer of a fair that dealt with modern art.

From the beginning, galleries, collectors and curators of important museums rushed into the tents in Regents Park as if they had been waiting for this fair for a long time. Frieze was The New Kid on the Block, was fresher and bolder than other fairs.

The coolness of the former Young British Artist can still be felt at the fair today. The fair has very quickly established itself and has become an important meeting place and sales venue for modern art. Meanwhile, Frieze has also established itself in Los Angeles and New York….

In the park in front of each tent there is an excellent exhibition of sculptures and meanwhile with Frieze Masters the spectrum has been expanded to include historical art. The opportunity to know the most important people of the art market and museums at this time in London, of course, all the London-based galleries and museums take advantage of it, and in parallel they are waiting with outstanding exhibitions.

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Frieze is still refreshingly different from other art fairs. Many galleries use their booth for specific installations, there are interesting talks and projects. The food and drinks are always cosmopolitan-avant-garde. Frieze is fun even if you don’t have a million dollar budget to buy art and hopefully post COVID-19 will be live again soon.

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