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Important topics during the CORONA crisis online

In our portrait series we present interesting personalities. Your professional expertise can be very important in the crisis and to prepare for the time afterwards. Five entrepreneurs. Five themes. Plus five GloriousMe Online culture tips.

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During the lockdown, some topics become more important or it is time to focus more on them. Here we present – in alphabetical order – five experts who are currently working online, by phone, Skype, Zoom or with webinars:


Katharina Appia, fertility coach

Issues such as childlessness or mourning a lost child have no lockdown. On the contrary, in times when the world seems to stand still and most of us spend a lot of time in our own four walls, our thoughts revolve around serious topics even more intensively. Katharina Appia helps to master these difficult situations. Individual and couple counseling, discussion groups and coaching are currently taking place via Zoom and Skype.


Instagram: alldanurellanot

Lisa Hassenzahl, Her Family Office

Financial planning is always an important topic that Lisa Hassenzahl does not associate with pointing fingers and fears for her clients, but with well-founded analysis and high transparency. Her professional background, her many years of experience in financial planning and the differentiated approach to the different requirements depending on the life situation and phase of life are valued. The current crisis makes many people aware of the importance of a comprehensible investment strategy in order to survive the developments in a disciplined manner. Suddenly spending more time at home is also an opportunity to deal with things that you don’t usually do and to deal with your own financial planning,


Instagram: herfamilyoffice

Sonja Hüls – hypnosis

The word hypnosis initially causes some laypeople to frown in disbelief. But not for those who have been helped by hypnosis with anxiety, addiction to nicotine or other mental changes. Maybe it’s a change of perspective that you finally want to tackle in the current lockdown period. A conversation with Sonja Hüls helps to see things more clearly.


Instagram: sonja_huels

Ute Latzke, architects point of view

How should an architect’s office position itself in the face of intense competition? How is it possible to communicate architectural designs, architectural proposals and realized architectural buildings clearly and comprehensibly so that potential new clients, specialist journalists and the public feel addressed in equal measure? Ute Latzke helps architects to adjust their point of view and to put it into words.


Instagram: ute_latzke

Sabine Ziemke, media trainer

Entrepreneurs, project managers – basically everyone who is used to leading teams personally in “normal times” is currently required to use online channels to motivate employees and team members to keep projects running or to prepare new topics. Sabine Ziemke supports companies and private individuals in setting up their own business TV channels and coaches them for their appearances in front of the camera.


Instagram: sabineziemke



Have you already done your financial planning, don’t work as an architect and already communicate highly professionally in interviews in front of the camera? Then maybe there is something for you in the next TOP 5. From the extensive range of art and culture, here are our GloriousMe favourites, because art and culture is even more important in the crisis:

For theater lovers

The Schaubühne Berlin has an online alternative schedule. The dates can be found on the homepage. Among them are current productions such as the highly acclaimed productions of Richard III and Hamlet, which were currently scheduled for performances in New York, but also productions from the last 60 years. Note appointments in your calendar and enjoy the theater at home in the evening, perhaps with a chilled glass of white wine in your hand.


For literature lovers who miss the business class in the home office

Martin Suter offers the opportunity to use his online literature channel free of charge for two months. Parts of his excellent business class observations have been recorded by him as a video and are a very special pleasure in his wonderful original speech sound.


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For opera lovers

Making the best of it. The picnic in the Opernpau

s of Glyndebourne offers sea air and views of English countryside. It can’t be recreated at home, but Glyndebourne’s opera recordings are also a pleasure in the living room with whatever the fridge or pantry has to offer, and there’s no need to fear pounding rain. Only one opera is available for free download at a time, so it’s worth taking a look at the programs at the other two excellent opera houses as well.

Opera lovers usually sit spellbound in front of their computers so that they are immediately in the reservation system as soon as the Bavarian State Opera’s online ticket sales start. Here, too, there is an online schedule, which also has the advantage that operas, ballet performances and concerts are put online for a few days, so that the evenings in front of the screen can be planned a little more flexibly. However, only some of the opera recordings from the archive can be seen with surtitles or subtitles.

The Staatsoper Unter den Linden in Berlin also offers operas and concert performances as free downloads. If you have already seen the performance in Glyndebourne and have not found anything suitable on the Munich State Opera’s schedule, it is also worth taking a virtual look at Berlin.


Interviews with artists of the Art Basel

The annual art fair in Basel, which takes place in June, has been postponed to September. However, the Art Basel homepage offers exciting interviews with artists. You can sail to Miami with Christo to learn more about the background of his Floating Islands in Miami or experience an interview with David Hockney’s gallery owner. Background knowledge that you might not have enough time for when you visit the trade fair in person can be enjoyed on the tablet on the Coach.


A favorite museum, the Fondation Beyeler

The Fondation Beyeler in Basel is one of GloriousMe’s favorite museums. Since we have already missed many an outstanding exhibition there, such as the Edward Hopper exhibition, we are regular visitors to the homepage even in non-Corona times, which contains a large number of excellently produced videos on the exhibition, dance performances, interviews with artists and much more offers more.

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