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The medicine chest in the vegetable bin

A rainy cold day. In the evening the throat starts to hurt and
the coming cold is already foreseeable. Most of the time, it is possible to use a jug
hot lemon water with ginger to fight off the cold and sore throat-
turn towards it. The positive effects of ginger are topical in every season.

 The active ingredients in the root of the ginger plant have an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. The combination of hot liquid, vitamin C and ginger are therefore highly effective, especially if the ginger pieces are eaten afterwards. The relief is already noticeable when the pungency of ginger reaches the palate. Since ginger also aids digestion, it is usually possible to avoid the annoying cold.

However, the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger are important for the body in all seasons. The active ingredients of the ginger root help the intestines to tap into nutrients and break down harmful substances more quickly. Ginger thus helps the body to maintain maximum vitality. Ayurvedic medicine sees ginger as an important means of stimulating the flow of the body and thus also improving the clarity of the skin and eyes.

Indian texts on medicine have been describing the positive effects of ginger for over 2000 years and they are more relevant than ever in our hectic everyday life. The fresh ginger root can be easily integrated into many dishes: Cut into small pieces the ginger fits to all Asian but also many European dishes. Most freshly squeezed fruit juices can be prepared with a portion of ginger. It is therefore always worthwhile to have as fresh a ginger root as possible in the vegetable compartment and to ask for a particularly large portion of ginger the next time you drink freshly squeezed fruit juice.

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Not in every case, but ginger often helps with nausea. It is therefore worth taking ginger on board, in addition to boat shoes and good sunglasses, because coolness and seasickness are unfortunately incompatible.


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