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The onion we pay little attention. Their sharpness when cutting also makes them not very popular. Yet the tears of cutting onions already tell us how much power is in the simple onion. We should pay much more attention to it in terms of health and best aging.

Pomegranates and red wine are often the focus of studies that are researching to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, or a number of cancers. But the star of these health effects is the simple onion present in every household.

Numerous medical studies have proven that the ingredients of the onion strengthen the immune system, stimulate the production of important body hormones and strengthen both the nervous and circulatory systems. In particular, the positive effects for the heart far outweigh the positive effects of red wine.

The consumption of onions is also beneficial for the composition of blood sugar. This means that the onion not only helps us to keep the body weight in balance, but also contributes to a healthy body many things. And that too in a very cost-effective way.

Sailors always had the health package on board

The health-promoting powers of onions, especially in fighting inflammation in the body, have been known for centuries. The combination of honey and onion juice is considered an old home remedy for colds with cough and sore throat. In earlier centuries, seafarers depended on the positive effects of onions on their long sea voyages to prevent extreme deficiency diseases.

The proteins, calcium, vitamins A, C, iron, the vitamin B complex and numerous oxidants, such as quercetin, contained in the onion are a real powerhouse, especially for the skin, to defy wrinkles and make the skin look healthy.

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Raw onions have the best effectiveness, but outside of salads and salsa, they have few supporters. Try the art of experienced cooks who lightly saute onions first when starting many dishes to take advantage of the sweet effect of the onion, and add raw onions to the dish again just before serving. This way they get more of the active ingredients and add another spicy component to the dish.

Pho, loved in Vietnam at any time of the day, uses exactly this effect.


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