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For aesthetes, most toothpaste tubes in the bathroom are a horror. And for sensitive palates, many of the highly foaming Toothpaste varieties of American provenance difficult to bear. But it gives remedy from good old Europe. Marvis, a toothpaste made from Florence, produced by the company Ludovico Martelli, which also produces the wonderful old-fashioned cult shaving brand Proraso.

Even the packaging of Marvis toothpaste is a visual delight. The different flavors such as Ginger Mint, Cinnamon Mint or Jasmine Mint bring variety to the daily ritual. The Whitening variant promises whitening effects. Among other things, it contains tetrasodium diphosphate, an active ingredient that is also found in baking powder, which is an insider tip for white teeth. However, the Marvis variant tastes far more interesting.

All Marvis flavors have a low foaming effect in the mouth and therefore suit sensitive toothbrushers. So the all-important duration of tooth brushing can be made easier with Marvis, and the aesthetically curated shelf in the bathroom looks good again throughout.

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