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Which Yoga class is right for me?

More flexibility, well-defined muscles, better concentration and posture are among the quick successes as soon as you start practicing yoga regularly. These are already enough arguments to roll out the yoga mat. But which Yoga style suits me best?

Yoga exercises are ideal to reduce stress, clear the head and start the day fresh after a yoga exercise in the morning. Some types of yoga also place great emphasis on spirituality. Especially for beginners, choosing the right yoga class is crucial. It would be a pity to stop the experiment of yoga right at the beginning with the thought: Yoga is not for me. Maybe the disappointment was just because you chose the “wrong” class.


For Fitness Enthusiasts

In a yoga studio that is heated to 40 degrees Celsius, the first of 26 static exercises already makes you sweat. The yoga classes are more like a boot camp. There are usually two breathing exercises, but you will search in vain for the spiritual side of yoga. However, you should look for a studio that teaches the original sequence of Bikram Yoga. Due to the great popularity there are many hot yoga providers of different quality.


Always in flux

Endurance and stamina are required here, as the exercises are performed in a continuous flow. The Ashtanga Yoga exercises are only a part of the overall philosophy of this yoga school. There are another seven units that deal specifically with the topics of concentration and breathing, as well as including stretching exercises and lifestyle rules. Very few yoga studios offer other Ashtanga yoga sessions in addition to the vinyasas. However, a good yoga teacher will bring one or two aspects to his yoga class.

Pattabhi Moist has made Ashtanga Yoga popular at his school in Mysore Ashtanga Yoga, India. In addition to exercises that go back to ancient Indian scriptures, he has also added parts that come from military training, bodybuilding and the gymnastic repertoire.


Chanting Ohm

This form of yoga was developed by two hipsters in New York in the 80s. Both were students of Pattabhi Moist. They combine the yoga exercises with meditative elements, music and chanting. This is not everybody’s cup of tea. They also consider vegan nutrition an important part of their yoga philosophy.


The Yoga mat alone is not enough

BKS Iyengar is considered one of the grandfathers of modern yoga. Numerous yoga writings were written by him. In the Iyengar yoga classes many aids such as ropes, belts or foam blocks are used. Iyengar Yoga is therefore often used for therapy after muscle or limb injuries.

The rhythm of the Iyengar exercises is usually slower but still very demanding. Shoulderstand and headstand are among the most popular exercises here – with at least 25 breaths.


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Originally this form of yoga was reserved for wise men and the nobility. Spirituality is important in this form of yoga. The goal of Kunalini-Yoga is to release emotional and psychosomatic blockages in order to reach a higher level of consciousness.

Traditionally, only white clothing is provided for Kunalini-Yoga. Chanting is also an important part of this form of yoga: “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” therefore sounds regularly through the yoga rooms, which roughly means “I call upon the Creator who created me, who is the God of mind and wisdom”.



Some of the yoga exercises are held for up to 7 minutes. Typically, therefore, only a handful of exercises are usually performed in a yoga class. The long holding of the individual positions is demanding. This form of yoga also requires a number of aids. The main aim here is to stretch the muscles and stimulate the tissue. Long-distance runners and athletes who work a lot with weights are fans of this form of yoga.

Restorative yoga is well suited for yoga students who have little flexibility, but also for athletes after sports injuries when a slow, effective build-up of muscles is required.


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