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Especially in times of smart casual

cufflinks are the ideal accessory to elegantly differentiate yourself. For men and women. Why investing in cufflinks is worthwhile.

Cufflinks are the ideal accessory to stylishly add a little colour to your shirt or blouse. The outfit immediately looks more elegant and far smarter with this small addition than the usual buttons on the sleeve.

The investment pays off

Investing in gold or silver cufflinks is worthwhile because you can combine stylish cufflinks just as well with jeans as with an elegant suit.

Ideally, you should match the precious metal of the cufflinks with the material of your watch. Combined with a beautiful stone or engraving, you show even more sense of elegance and style. You can safely do without humorous motifs.

For trips where you deliberately do not want to attract attention with expensive jewellery, there are cufflinks made of twisted threads that have been formed into small knots in different colours. The durability of these inexpensive cufflinks is limited; but for travel purposes they are a practical idea.

Fashions change, style never does.

The global trend towards smart casual dress codes has not led to a drop in sales for the traditional tailors of Savile Row in London. Customers are increasingly turning up in their shops dressed very casually, but they are still having suits, jackets and coats tailored.

In the experience of the experienced owners, who have often run their shops on Savile Row for several generations, the main reason for sales fluctuations is the respective economic situation and the rather optimistic or pessimistic economic outlook. If savings have to be made, people order less made-to-measure clothing – especially since good quality can be worn for many years.

The same applies to cufflinks, which you can pass on to your style-conscious offspring. Beautiful cufflinks can therefore also be found in antique shops.

Cufflinks are a prerequisite for a stylish appearance as a man at formal invitations – they are a must with a dinner jacket.

But even in a business environment, cufflinks are still part of everyday life in some professions. Although the CEO of Goldmann Sachs recently described the tie as optional in the investment bank’s dress code, at the same time he pointed out that in client contacts, the clothing must meet the expectations of the clients.

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In many conservative business areas as well as in certain hierarchical levels, suit, tie and cufflinks are still a sign of recognition and at the same time a sign of appreciation of the counterpart.

Make no mistake

The casual dress code is often a peer pressure and feigns a certain looseness. You should be confident with it and assume that it always makes sense to dress for the next career level.

A sufficient number of double cuff shirts and elegant cufflinks should therefore be in your wardrobe. In the case of ladies’ blouses, custom-made blouses with corresponding cuffs can be ordered. Because fashions come and go, style is always in, no matter on which smooth or rough parquet you move during the day or in the evening.

Photographs © GloriousMe | Cufflinks seen at Diehl&Diehl “Schuhwerk und Garderobe” in Frankfurt am Main

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