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The consultant’s heart beats for architecture and interior design. Ute Latzke helps architects to position themselves and to express this focus in conception and communication. Her own texts, with which she wants to inspire people for modern architecture, are clear and inspiring. On her Instagram account (ute_latzke) it is worth reading if you are an architect or architecture enthusiast. From time to time her own works of art can also be seen there.


What is the best way to switch off?

Take a walk through the forest with agency dog Cody and read (SciFi, horror, crime and specialist books). Inspiration source No 1: Architecture + interior design magazines and books.

What was the last insight that changed your attitude towards life?

To rely on myself even more. To do things simply for once.

What talent do you have that is untapped?

Um… my memory for names and driving, shame on me ;-).

What do you need to be reminded of?

To sleep more.

What has made you happy in the last week?

Good news about the health of my parents, positive feedback on my Instagram and every day this pelt-nose at my side.

Which magazine means pure relaxation for you?

Scandinavian Living by Bo Bedre
Which three cosmetic products would you take to a desert island?

Eye care, soap, rich body lotion

Which perfume do you like best right now?

Must de Cartier, La Panthere (Cartier), Mitsouko Guerlain


“I would like to inspire people for modern ARCHITECTURE”


What should never be missing in your refrigerator?

Vegetables, fruit, cheese, yoghurt, occasionally sushi

What was the last food that impressed you?

See Also

Sushi at the Ono by Steffen Henssler in Hamburg

Which sport is your favourite?

personally: table tennis, mountain biking, watching: basketball, mountain biking

Which sport do you do most often?

I used to run (two marathons), now the heel is a problem, but with dog I am very active every day.

Which piece of clothing did you last buy to pamper yourself?

Sneakers from Reebok and a sweater from Someday

You might want to think about where you want to live. Which place do you choose?

Retired in Scandinavia or in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, New York

Which are your favourite websites? and (inspiration for typography and design), and (state of the art design), (magazine about building culture), (InterviewMag about lifestyle and living), (The Place for soft minimalists), (the name says it all)

What is your favorite app?

Instagram, Mojo, Health (iPhone), Later, Upspeak

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