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From the exclusive perfume house Caron Paris

Incense, mint, basil and the scent of moss and oak with a touch of patchouli, these are the fragrance components of Yatagan, the perfume loved by the eternally young-at-heart and delightfully eccentric New Yorker Iris Apfel.

On your next visit to Paris, it’s worth planning a visit to one of Caron’s boutiques. Here, perfume compositions are made with natural essences of roses and jasmine, which retain their own character and cannot be compared with the mass-produced products of the perfume market.

It is therefore understandable that Iris Apfel’s exclusive choice fell on a fragrance from the house of Caron, whose fascinating history began in 1904 in the Rue de la Paix in Paris.

There, brothers Ernest and Raoul Daltroff opened a small store where they offered their fragrance creations. Coming from a Russian-Jewish family, they tried to capture the impressions of distant travels in the compositions of their fragrances and the scent of roses played a major role from the beginning.

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In 1904, the house was taken over by Patrick Alès, who was an equally great lover of roses and created one of the most important rose gardens in the Loire Valley. To this day, the perfumes from Emporen are bottled, no longer only in Paris, but now also in London, Tokyo, New York, Dubai and Moscow. However, the visit to Paris will take you to the origin of a traditional house of perfume and unique fragrance compositions.

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