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Creating a good name for a perfume is an art. The perfume Black Saffron keeps what its name promises

Saffron, one of the most precious spices in the world, is painstakingly harvested by hand from the tiny pistils of the fruit leaf of the crocus flower.

The color saffron is ubiquitous in Asia and the saffron robes of Buddhist monks are met with high reverence. The coolness of the perfume is indicated by the color black in its name.

Because Black Saffron is not a floral, exuberant perfume but presents the spice components of juniper and saffron very subtly. Rose, raspberry and vetiver oil round off the perfume elegantly. It never seems intrusive, rather complex and mysterious.

Elegant understatement

The perfume gives a hint of the Indian roots of Ben Gorham, the founder of Byredo. But, like the name Byredo (by redolence, redolent of – reminiscent of a fragrance), Black Saffron is characterized by elegant understatement.

This makes Black Saffron the ideal perfume that you can definitely wear during the day in everyday business to the evening at the opera.

Already the packaging of the perfume in noble cardboard box is the first haptic pleasure. The secret of Black Saffron reveals itself with the slow opening of the box.

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There is no shiny plastic here that you want to tear open as quickly as possible, along with the screaming packaging color, and then immediately throw both in the trash.

Black Saffron starts slowly, like traveling in an elegant compartment of a train from times gone by, where in the evening people still know how to mix sophisticated cocktails at the bar.

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