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Byredo has asserted itself in the highly competitive perfume market and has and has gained a loyal following. The founder of Byredo, Ben Gorham, has made a considerable contribution to this.
contributed a considerable share to this.

While many others are celebrated for creations to which they ultimately only give their names, Ben Gorham has always prominently featured the names of the perfumers who translated his visions into perfect fragrances from the very beginning. His reserved manner and his praise for the professional specialists behind Mark’s products distinguish his interviews in a very pleasant way in times of loud self-promotion.

It is clear from tasting the perfumes, which are expressive but never beguiling, feeling the quality packaging and looking at the overall brand presence that this is a perfectionist.

Ben Gorham, the graphic designer with Indian and Canadian roots who first grew up in Sweden and later lived in the U.S. and Canada, founded Byredo in Stockholm in 2006. The name Byredo derives from the English by redolence, redolent with the scent of … reminiscent of the scent of … reminiscent.

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The high-quality ingredients have made the perfumes and scented candles successful worldwide. The minimalist design looks great in any bathroom, while the names of the perfumes tell stories that often take you back in time or to magical places.

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