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A mantra
Your most important wishes and goals

The chances of achieving important goals in life increase when we are able to
succeed in anchoring these desires deeply in our consciousness and in
like a mantra to repeat over and over again.

In both Buddhism and Hinduism, the mantra, a syllable or verse recited repetitively, is an important part of meditation. The contents of the mantra shape the consciousness, give strength and release energy.

The practice of the mantra helps to achieve the goals that are really important to us in life. This is how you proceed:


Take a little time out from everyday life, where you are undisturbed and can come to rest. Do some soul-searching and formulate the three most important goals you want to achieve in life. This is not about the to-do list for tomorrow but the innermost wishes for your life? What are the important goals you want to achieve?


Write these three goals on a piece of paper and put the paper in a place where you probably won’t look again for a long time. If they really are the most important goals of your life, you won’t need this reminder at all. Keep the goals to yourself.


Repeat these goals over and over in your mind. Three times the first goal. Three times the second goal and three times the third goal. For example, repeating these goals during the relaxation phase after yoga exercises is very effective.

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You will find after some time that repeating your goals in a mantra-like manner will help you focus on achieving them over and over again. Achieving the most rewarding goals in life is not easy. Usually it takes a lot of time and energy to achieve them. Our consciousness acts as a director, directing us.

Just as high-performance athletes visualize their desired victory over and over again, the mantra helps to keep at it. If you’ve taken a break for some time, you’ll find that in the time in between, you often haven’t been as consistent with your goals as usual.

You got distracted, met other people’s goals, or simply temporarily forgot your own goals. Keep at it – it’s your life and your goals are worth remembering over and over again to realize them one piece at a time.

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