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Face cleansing with oil

In Japan, cleansing the skin of the face with oil is part of the evening ritual for beauty.

Gentle facial massage with oil has many advantages. The facial oil binds substances such as make-up residues, sebum or dirt deposited on the face during the day.

However, a little patience is needed, because to get the best effect of cleansing with oil, the individual parts of the face should be massaged with the oil at least ten times with circular movements. The resulting heat opens the pores. This allows the residues to be well removed, at the same time stimulating the microcirculation of the skin.

Since the oils are close to the PH of the skin, the natural fat remains in the skin. Other cleansers can dry out the skin very easily and thus promote sebum production, which can subsequently lead to skin blemishes.

Another argument in favor of cleaning the face with oil in the evening. The gentle massage of the skin relaxes the facial features. It’s often only at this moment that you realize how tense your facial features are after a long, intense day. Stress leaves its mark on the skin.

In the beginning, the time it takes to thoroughly clean your facial skin seems long. After a while, you start to look forward to the relaxing effect in the evening. You can literally feel how good the oil does your skin and you can get a good night’s sleep with a relaxed smile.

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Japanese cosmetics company Shu Uemura offers excellent facial oils. Unfortunately, they are hardly available in Germany. Therefore, the next time you travel to London, it’s worth making room in your suitcase for Shu Uemura oils. Since traveling is difficult at the moment, you can also add a few drops of essential oil to the proven cleanser and massage your face with it.

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