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2020: THE ESSENCE FOR 2021

2020: THE ESSENCE FOR 2021

The year 2020 was too important to simply tick it off

“I just want 2020 to be as fast as possible We are hearing from many sides right now. Well comprehensible. But it would be a pityto forget what we have learned in this special year.

Less is more and sometimes vice versa

With the year 2021, not too much will change for the time being. For most of us, it will be some time before the vaccine reaches us, and even then, it’s not like Monopoly: back to square one.

Here’s the GloriousMe bottom line on what 2020 has taught us. What do we want to strengthen in the future, what are we no longer in the mood for?

MORE praise

In a year that was not easy for anyone, there were many people whose warm-hearted kindness made our nerve-wracking daily lives so much more pleasant. We have firmly resolved to take more time to praise these employees not only directly, but also with their superiors.

It only costs a little time, but that should be worth it for the personalities who themselves stood in the storm all day and were not impressed by it.

LESS expectations

One reader wrote to tell us that in the year of the pandemic, help and support came not from the people and clients from whom she would most likely have expected and hoped for it, but from a completely different source.

We can agree with this and take it upon ourselves to lower our expectations completely in some areas. So we can only be positively surprised.

MORE music

Making music together not only at Christmas but as often as possible.

LESS pollutants on the skin

In the case of food, it is relatively easy to avoid additives. In the area of cosmetics and care products, greenwashing is not always easy to see through. Our skin is exposed for decades to ingredients that facilitate the production of products, but which are not good for our bodies and some of which are harmful to the environment.

One of the important themes of the next year for GloriousMe. The time saved on business trips here is well invested in research.

MORE Phone

Last year we made far more phone calls than in previous years and found that we often said “This call made my day” afterwards.

LESS hype

An experienced investor says “As soon as someone is declared Manager of the Year, I hope I have already sold all the shares in his company or I sell them as soon as possible”.

In 2020, we looked behind the scenes more often than we would have liked and became more cautious about the hype surrounding some entrepreneurs, politicians and scientists. The more hype, the less content, is usually true.

MORE Outdoor

The desire to do our immune system as much good as possible has us spending a lot more time outside. Whether running in the rain, biking against the wind, or gardening in any weather. More of the same next year.

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LESS restraint

Diplomats who express feelings usually have to look for a new job. In the past year, when many things could no longer be taken for granted, we often spoke plainly, both in business and with friends, and had the best experiences.

MORE change

Loyalty in private life is important. As customers, we found that our loyalty was not always appreciated. We set out to change faster and focus our investment (of money, time and loyalty) where it pays off.

LESS waiting

Carpe Diem. The sad events of the past year have made us realize that whenever possible, we should not wait for tomorrow, but undertake the things that have long been on our wish list.

MORE glamour

After a long day, changing the practical work uniform for an outfit with glamour, gives the day, an additional structure and the word Feierabend a meaning.

GloriousMe wishes you a happy, balanced 2021. Stay healthy and confident that the new normal will also gain a bit of quality.

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