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Which counts more?

The coach of the English rugby team, Eddie Jones, has a very clear opinion on this in an interview with the Financial Times: ambition with stamina leads to success.


While reading his answer, a number of highly talented people suddenly passed before my mind’s eye who were familiar to me. Their great talent had been obvious and enviable. But suddenly they had disappeared left and right of the path because they had not managed to combine their talent with the necessary perseverance, a strong stamina or the will to win.

They had been gifted with talent but lacked the ambition and drive to turn their talents into success.

This analysis is also a helpful reminder that success almost never happens overnight, but is usually the result of a long and sometimes very hard road, even if some Instagram postings portray it differently.

The best examples are many female artists who have created outstanding works of art, such as Louise Bourgeois or Yayoi Kusama, but who only achieved international recognition and commercial success in old age, when many had long since retired.

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Actually, a very beautiful, comforting realisation that is worth keeping in mind when things seem to be moving too slowly again. It is not in vain, but part of the strategy for success.

Image: Exhibition, Dover Street Market, New York 2018

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