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Aroma Elixir

Aroma Elixir


Chilli, ginger, garlic and oil.
The fantastic four.

Chilli, ginger and garlic, this triad
makes many dishes more exciting and also a little healthier.
But who always has all the ingredients freshly at hand from Monday to Friday
fresh and have time to prepare them.


We discovered the decorative jar in the kitchen of a friend. Enquiry revealed that it was an aroma elixir, with exactly the three ingredients that we use in almost every dish in the kitchen: Chilli, ginger, garlic and oil.

Whether it’s pasta bolognese, fish crust or chard casserole. The tried and tested combination is always at the start and gives a tasty and healthy kick.

Between Zoom and Zumba

There is often time to cook something during the week between all the activities on the to-do list, but carefully chopping chilli, ginger and garlic takes time and, at times, leisure.

The attentive friends brought a jar of the aroma elixir as a guest gift on the next visit. Since then, it has become a permanent fixture in our kitchen. It saves time in everyday life: one reach into the fridge and the aroma elixir is a good substitute when there is simply no time for the finely chopped, fresh ingredients.

Developing the aromas

The aromas of chilli, ginger and garlic develop excellently in the oil and give the dishes a concentrated spicy depth. The aroma elixir is easy to prepare on a rainy weekend.

4 simple steps to making aromatic elixir

Select a well-sealed jar with an opening large enough to allow the chilli, ginger and garlic parts to be removed with a spoon. 1.

Peel and slice the garlic. 2.

Peel and finely slice the fresh ginger. 3.

3. cut the chilli into small strips. Dried chilli flakes are also possible. 4.

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4. put all three ingredients in the jar and add oil. Choose an oil that you can fry with.

Store the jar in the fridge and use it for hot dishes. Because of the strong aroma, you only need a small amount of the elixir. The oil can be topped up for a while – leaving more time at the weekend to try one of the Italian grandmothers’ pasta recipes, which are portrayed with charm, decades of cooking experience and love in the book Pasta Grannies by Vicky Bennison.

Your valued helper in the kitchen, to whom you would have delegated the perfect chopping of chilli, garlic and ginger, can use the time gained to mix the perfect White Negroni as an aperitif. Salute e buon appetito.

Not to forget:

The aroma elixir is a nice gift for friends who like to cook. If you are not sure which oil your friends prefer, combine a nice glass with plenty of fresh ginger, fresh garlic and chilli peppers. This always goes down well. Don’t forget the gift tag with a nice compliment to your friends’ cooking skills.

How to recognise fresh ginger? We wouldn’t be GloriousMe if we couldn’t recommend something about this too: Fresh ginger.

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