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The right gifts get the friendship

You always need soap – an ideal gift, with which you can express in a special way that you have thought about it.
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When the bouquet of flowers has long since wilted and the bottle of champagne has already landed in the glass container, a carefully selected soap reminds the presentee for a long time of the thought that one wanted to express with this small, noble gift.

A friend who values style can be delighted with an elegantly wrapped soap from Chanel, especially if you tell her that you think her style is admirable.

For the friend who has patiently accompanied her for hours on end through Harrods and Harvey Nichols and advised her on fashion choices, the grey Oud Wood bath soap by Tom Ford, for example, is the ideal gift to say thank you.

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A luxurious soap is a reward that you usually don’t treat yourself to. You can’t get enough of it as a gift, because if you don’t use it right away, it does a great job with its noble scent between sweaters and T-shirts.
For the friend who told you that the mild almond soap that Dr. Bronners had placed in the bathroom did his sensitive skin good, next time bring Dr. Bronner’s almond soap with you. For your friend who loves Brittany and would have loved to accompany you on your trip there, bring a stylishly wrapped soap from the Savonnerie Cancalaise from Cancale. The natural scent of these soaps and the nautical-looking packaging will certainly put a smile on your girlfriend’s face and you have shown the most important thing you can say with a gift: I care about you.

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