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That way you have more of your candles

Candles create a warm atmosphere in any room. It is worthwhile to invest in quality when buying candles. In this way you reduce the risk of inhaling harmful substances.

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With scented candles, quality means a more subtle fragrance experience – not an obtrusive sweet or acrid scent, but complex, finely balanced aromas, which, depending on preference, smell of flowers, exude the scent of cedar or sandalwood in the room or are reminiscent of Sicilian orange groves.



Even the lighting of a candle can be a sensory experience in itself, if you use perfumed matches, for example from Buly, Paris. Instead of the smell of sulphur, you tune in with a short scent moment before the candle warms up and, in the case of scented candles, fills the room with its own scent.


A candle should burn for at least two hours. The longer the better. If the burning time is shorter, not the whole wax radius of the candle is heated and the candle starts to melt a tunnel around the wick towards the bottom. Candles that are only lit for a short time reach their end much faster. Therefore the rule is: The longer the respective burning time, the longer the candle will last.


Candles are suitable for every room. Only in the dining room and in the kitchen scented candles are taboo. On the one hand, some guests react allergic to scents and you do not want to end the planned cosy dinner prematurely by a hasty departure of your guests. On the other hand, the different aromas of wines and food are better enjoyed undisturbed in the kitchen as well as in the dining room.

In the guest WC, a burning scented candle in a glass with a good stand belongs with an invitation. The small detail of a scented candle identifies you as an attentive host, who cares about the overall experience of the guests also in the detail. A busy night at the desk becomes more comforting with a scented candle and in the bathtub you can relax even better with candlelight.

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A candle snuffer is useful. Of course you can blow out the candle and, if the wick is still glowing, you can extinguish it briefly with moistened fingers. But this is not a good idea. The small, inconspicuous candle snuffer therefore has an important function.


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Before you relight a candle you should always shorten the wick. Half a centimetre is the ideal measure for the wick length. In this way you achieve the best burning effect and ensure that the soot development remains as low as possible.


Scented candles are an ideal gift. The name, the origin and the composition of the respective scented candle already tells a little story. Show the presentee that you have listened carefully and remember, for example, that your friend told you about the gardens in Marrakech with glowing eyes. If the scent of the candle does not quite match the taste, the scented candle can be used in the guest toilet for future invitations.

Scented candles in small format are a nice gift for commuters. This makes the evenings in a rather functional hotel more pleasant without the luggage getting too heavy. In this way, you let the presentee know that you can easily follow his or her rarely glamorous evenings on a laptop in the hotel.


Asked by a journalist whether the heir would not be afraid to light candles in the centuries-old castle, as a fire could endanger the impressive heritage of his forefathers, the latter replied: “No, I am not afraid. Each of our children learns at an early age that you never leave a room in which a candle is burning alone. If you are the last person in the room, you put out the candles before you leave.”

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