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Deer horn tallow is a proven classic to prevent callus formation.

High heels, unfortunately, often lead to calluses. Against this helps a classic effectively and gently

The calls of many magazines at the beginning of summer to now take care of well-groomed feet can only make anyone who values style cringe. Beautiful feet are a must every day….

High heels, worn for many hours, on many days, plus a heavy gait and intensive running sessions in sneakers reliably lead to severe calluses.

Instead of relatively brutal methods, such as scissors and callus shaving, which subsequently lead to the development of further, often even stronger horny skin, there is a gentle but effective method:

Every morning after showering, apply a generous layer of deer horn tallow to the feet and allow the cream to absorb for a few minutes. A daily ritual with a cosmetic classic that has proven itself and helps gently but effectively against calluses.

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