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Lovers enjoy the champagne not only as an aperitif,
because it goes with (almost) every course.

You may be considered extravagant if you express the desire to consistently drink champagne at a meal. However, you are part of an illustrious circle who do not want to let the fun of champagne end after the aperitif.

If you don’t want to stick to one type of champagne because you may not have opened a magnum bottle or even a larger format, it is advisable to choose a light, sparkling champagne with a strong bubble and minerality with the starters.

For the intermediate and main courses, you can switch to a champagne with a stronger expression of fruit aromas and higher complexity, which appears a little “winier”. A rosé champagne is a lot of fun for dessert, if only because of its colour.

Clear head the next day

Drinking champagne consistently has many advantages: most people tolerate champagne very well and have a clear head the next morning. In restaurants, ordering champagne bottles is usually much cheaper than ordering per glass.

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However, there are dishes that champagne does not go with: all dishes that are very spicy, for example many Asian dishes, are not suitable for champagne. A cold beer or tea goes much better.

The popular combination of curry sausage with champagne conveys the beautiful message: look, I like the simple and the best things in life. But it’s actually a shame to numb the wonderful flavors of champagne with a strong curry blend.

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