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There is hardly a guest who says no to champagne.
to serve champagne perfectly,
conveys appreciation and style.

A sparkling cooler for the champagne, preferably made of silver, draws everyone’s attention. Investing in an interesting champagne cooler pays for itself quickly, because when you enter the room, everyone will look at it immediately and the sight of a bottle of champagne on ice will immediately put a smile on your guests’ faces. Ideally, the champagne bottles should lie at an angle in the ice bucket.

When opening the bottle, you should observe the following rules:

Keep a white cloth napkin handy.

Use the napkin to dry the water around the bottle.

Use a small knife or the opener of a corkscrew to remove the foil from the top of the bottle.

Holding the bottle at a 45 degree angle, carefully remove the wire around the champagne cork. The slope increases the surface of the champagne liquid – so CO2 can flow out of the bottle without foaming when it is opened.

Of course, when opening the cork, it should never point to a person’s head but into empty space.

Now carefully twist the cork out of the bottle and secure the cork with the palm of your hand. The quieter the cork escapes, the more professionally you have opened the bottle.

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With a small test sip you can determine whether the champagne is fine and has no cork taste.

When serving, be sure to hold the glass and bottle at an angle.

Perfectly shaped, the champagne bottle is held with the thumb in the lower cavity and the hand on the lower part of the bottle when pouring. It takes a bit of practice, but it’s worth it, because everyone will immediately recognize you as a champagne expert.

If possible, fill the champagne glasses in two steps to prevent excessive foam formation in the glass. The glasses should only be filled two-thirds of the way, so that the champagne can develop well in the glass.

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