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The home is more important than ever

We have never spent so much time at home, at least most of us. The quality of some
Things that give us pleasure and enjoyment at home,

we will retain even after the lockdown.

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The armchair that was moved to the window to enjoy reading in daylight and with a view outside for the first time remains there, because it is much better placed in the new location. The cup
or coffee with self-whipped cream and enjoyed thoughtfully is leaps and bounds ahead of the TO GO experience. When travel and speed take a back seat for a while, the quality of many items we find in our own homes becomes more important.


In the film “Greetings from Fukushima” (directed by Doris Dörrie), which is well worth seeing, Satomi, a Japanese woman who refuses to give up her devastated house in the exclusion zone around the destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant, teaches Marie, who has found that a sad NGO clown is not appreciated by the residents in the shelter, to celebrate the pleasure of a cup of tea.

This begins with the attentive observation of the color and shape of the tea bowl and the conscious feeling of the material. The bowl does not have to be perfect by any means – the Japanese wabi-sabi sees the aesthetics precisely in the imperfect. Far more important are aesthetics, craftsmanship and the history inherent in many things.


As long as the bars, where we enjoy the cocktails at least as much as the crackling atmosphere, are still closed, we make a virtue out of necessity: My home is my castle. The blue hour can also be celebrated at home with a stylish martini, especially since resilience experts are advising us to enjoy it consciously right now.

Everything you need to know about the Martini Cocktail can of course be found at GloriousMe. With a stirred
in hand and a stronger emphasis on glamour when reaching into the closet, the favorite James Bond movie is also fun on the sofa at home. The theatrical release of the latest James Bond installment has just been pushed back to November.


How do you come up with the idea to call a store for household goods Labour & Wait? For the two owners, the inspiration lay in a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:

“Let us, then, be up and doing,
with a heart for any fate;
still achieving, still pursuing,
learn to labor and to wait.”

Like so many things, the poem, which originated in the 19th century, takes on new meaning in the Corona Shutdown. Labour & Wait focuses on well-crafted items with a long life span. Utensils such as the steel measuring cup, the beech wood chopping board or the doorstop made of thick sailor’s rope, the kind that used to be thrown from the ship onto the quay when landing in port, also have their own proud aesthetic. One reason why GloriousMe has loved Labour & Wait for years and considers the London store one of the best stores in the world.

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Your culinary experiments over the past few weeks are bound to have produced some treats that you’d like to keep. Well-functioning tools and other utensils for kitchen and household that look good are available in the online store of
until a visit to the store in London is possible again.


If you’ve managed to still get a stylish bouquet of flowers delivered weekly from the city’s hottest florist despite multiple rounds of cost-cutting, you’ve obviously done a lot right, Martin Suter would remark wonderfully laconically in his Business Class column. The homepage of
Martin Suter
which also contains audio and video recordings, can be enjoyed at home as long as readings in densely packed lecture halls do not take place.

In Lufthansa’s First Class, in another, earlier world, there was a form-fitting fresh rose at the seat for every female passenger. At GloriousMe, in the business class of the home office, a stylish Blossom on the desk is never missing.


At best, some of the enjoyment at home remains when the schedule is again filled with leisure opportunities away from home. Maybe the Japanese tea bowls that you can find at
. the virtual artist talks at the outstanding Basler Foundation, the sea-grill take-away box at your favorite restaurant or simply
, the seafood barbecue take-away box from your favorite restaurant, or simply the awareness of how nice it can be to take a little more time to celebrate pleasure at home, too.

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