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5 tips that will make you instantly
immediately appear exquisite

There are appointments for which you want to appear deliberately plain and rather underdressed; but there are also just the opposite – meetings, dates, events for which you want to make a particularly exquisite impression.

With Net-A-Porter or other fashion portals, it’s no problem to order a fantastic outfit in no time. However, if your credit card clearly says no, or you want to look excitingly elegant despite your budget, the following tips are helpful.

1. the elegant clutch

The elegant bag. Nothing looks more carefree and elegant than a small handbag that really only holds your car keys, a lipstick, some cash, two credit cards and at most a (slim) mobile phone. Your walk immediately looks more elegant and you exude an aura of “I couldn’t care less”.

Leave your large and practical bag, which contains almost everything from notebooks to paper documents, perfume and headache pills, at the cloakroom.

Even more inconspicuous: park your practical but large companion in the boot of your car, at the luggage service or in the wardrobe of a nearby museum and float to your appointment with a small but extremely elegant clutch.

2. a brooch

Brooches are another insider tip. A deliberately eye-catching brooch (here the reverse principle applies compared to the bag, here the bigger the better) instantly ennobles any outfit.

Combined with a radiant look, you magically attract attention. You’ve already won, because first impressions count. 3.

3 Cool sunglasses

This tip only works when the sun is shining, though: invest in a pair of stylish sunglasses that you won’t see everywhere else. A brand that has no branding adds to the mystique. You can only guess if you got these glasses from Tokyo, Milan or a hip vintage shop.

In cooler temperatures, you can score points with extra classy stockings.

4. shimmering pearls, the more the merrier.

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Pearls. Pearls. Pearls. Again, don’t be shy, because you don’t want to look well-behaved and well-mannered at a special gathering, but carefree and sensational. So wear all the pearls you can find at home, or borrow the rest from your mother, grandmother or friend.

In this case, feel free to mix the finest natural pearls with cultured pearls and imitation pearls. What would otherwise be considered a style break is just right again in this crowd.

5. extravagant gloves

Gloves of a special kind. No, we’re not talking about the warm grey woollen gloves or the practical short black leather gloves that get you through underground stations and car parks just fine.

Think more along the lines of diva. Long gloves instantly add a kick to a plain, black, outfit with short sleeves and make you look elegant and flamboyant.

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