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Keeps warm and can look cool

At the bar of the opera stands next to me a man in a jacket and chinos, no Socks and Birkenstocks showing his red painted toenails. Cool.
If he were to invite me for a drink, my answer would be unequivocal:

“Very nice, but thank you, no”

Clearly the best choice when it comes to men’s legs are knee socks. They not only complete the suit or classic combination, but are also a good idea in leisure time. They only need to be black for very formal occasions.

On the contrary, a discreet so-called shadow stripe, for example a narrow light green stripe on a dark blue knee sock or another interesting color combination distracts from the fact that you can never find the perfectly matching identical shade to black, anthracite or dark blue pants.

A stripe or graphic pattern is acceptable; funny animal motifs are only suitable for a visit to Disneyland.

United Kingdom first

To find suggestions of interesting sock shades, it’s always worth taking a look across the channel to England. There, they’ve always known how to give the classic pinstripe suit an interesting kick with smart sock colors. However, knee-high socks should be to make the best possible impression.

If you’re now smiling wearily and assuming we haven’t looked into the cat-walks of innovative menswear designers, we’d like to discreetly note that very few men look good in designer bathing slippers with half-length white socks. Then the rest must also be combined completely extravagant.

However, if you plan to become a member of one of the exclusive golf clubs in New Hampshire, you should already order knee socks in white color, because they are part of the mandatory dress code on the course in this club for men in combination with shorts.

Ladies – the more contrast, the better

In the past, stylish socks and knee-highs could only be found at English men’s outfitters. For some time now, there has also been a wider range of socks for women with a convincing design in very good material qualities.

These can be combined with flat shoes but also all heel heights. While it is considered a serious fashion faux pas to wear silk stockings with open-toed shoes, all options are open when it comes to socks or knee-highs.

The more extravagant the contrast, the better

A beautiful contrast can be achieved with an exciting color combination and with a skillful mix of materials. A few examples:

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PINE GREEN CHESTMIR SOKES with elegant purple mid-heeled shoes made of the finest leather, which would also attract attention in a tango bar in Buenos Aires. Elegant beige platform heels made of patent leather with GROSS GRASS Wool socks that casually fall down. Black high heels with noble BLOCK STRIPES KNEE STRIPS, which immediately give the classic shoes a current, cheeky character.

For women’s socks should always see a piece of leg

Unlike the men’s world, for a stylish combination of socks and the rest of the outfit for ladies, it is important that a bit of the bare leg is visible. Of course, shoes and socks can be combined very well with a skirt or dress. A flat formal shoe with short socks breaks the girly skirt or dress in an interesting way.

Properly selected, the accessory of socks and knee-highs for men and women can wonderfully vary the outfit without being too big an investment.

In addition, socks are most welcome for any frequent traveler who knows the sometimes Siberian-like temperatures of the air conditioners in ICEs and airplanes. They keep wonderfully warm and set a fashion highlight in the right combination.

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