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How to succeed in finding better sleep


Tired in the morning. A quick coffee, maybe some sugar, and you’ll be fine. Far from it. 

Lack of sleep reduces the functioning of important parts of our brain and weakens our resilience. Coffee and sugar help to function only in the short term and superficially. Much better is restful sleep…


No alcohol in the evening if you want to sleep well and restful. As tempting as that glass of red wine may be. Refrain from alcohol if you want to get a restful night’s sleep.


Invest in the best bed you can afford. If you have slept particularly well in a hotel bed, ask the hotelier about the manufacturer.


Try out which pillow shape you can sleep best. Searching for the shape, filling and degree of hardness that suits you best is worthwhile,


Our body stays awake longer under the influence of light. Especially in the city, we are exposed to many light sources throughout the night. The bright glaring light from computer screens and cell phones prevents us from finding restful sleep. As hard as it is – turn off both two hours before you go to bed.


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Create a soft atmosphere in the bedroom with colors and fabrics and remove everything that is not necessary there. Invest in a bright reading lamp, beautiful bedding and elegant nightwear. Treat yourself to rubbing your body with the soothing SIEVER_S indulge body oil and slumbering in with the scent of lavender essential oil.

Avoid social jet lag

However, all these measures will have no effect if we do not manage to at least get closer to the optimal time to go to bed and the duration of sleep. Sleep researchers like Professor Till Roenneberg talk about social jet lag, which affects about 80 percent of us.

In other words, we are permanently overtired simply because we do not consider the optimal time to go to bed and the time duration, which are individual for each person. You can read more about the fascinating topic of social jet lag here.

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