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5 tips to create variety and more of home in the 4 walls.

Home has taken on a new meaning. Since it is probably
will remain so for some time and the desire for variety is growing,

here are five suggestions to bring change into the rooms,

which are home, home office, meeting place with friends and an important place of retreat.


You always pass by a flower store and fresh flowers instantly change any room. This is not particularly new. But – just leave the usual flower vases and open your cupboards to bring out the inherited sugar bowl or your grandmother’s milk jug, pieces from the flea market or trouvailles from Meissen.

A few flowers in an unusual container, instead of the usual vase, create an atmospheric difference.


Rearrange your furniture. Sometimes it is enough to turn the desk by 90 degrees and immediately a different spatial experience is created. Move your sofa, rehang pictures, just put the table across the room. Change the mobile lamps of the rooms or a chair. Place a lowboard, which until now stands against the wall, in the middle of the room.

Small changes in furniture positions often have amazing changes and without any additional investment.


If you’re also part of that segment of the population that’s been busier rather than less during lockdown, now may be the time to dedicate a weekend day to radical cleanup. Tidying up briefly in between does not yet bring the pleasant freedom of more space and sustainable order. All other tips for cleanup day can be found here.


If you love good bread, you can prepare a natural sourdough with 50 g of whole rye flour and 60 g of water. Within the week it takes only a few minutes each time to take care of the dough, and then at the end of the week to bake a natural sourdough bread itself.

Why would you do that?

In our view, there are three reasons for this:

I. The smell and taste of freshly baked bread.

II. you invite your best friends, provide excellent wine and the best salt butter you can find and spend a nice evening at home. By the way, the French word copain (friend) comes from the idea of breaking bread together.

III. It could be the beginning of a new passion.

See Also

Start with a small booklet: Approx. 750 g of happiness. This is not a baking book of the usual kind but a charming, loosely written essay on how to make a natural sourdough for baking bread. It includes brief, pragmatic instructions for your first natural sourdough bread from renowned bread baking expert Lutz Geißler and atmospheric, analog-exposed images taken with a Hasselblad, among others.

The small, lovingly produced book is therefore also well suited to give as a gift on the way home to your non-baking friends whom you have invited to bread, wine and butter.


Experience shows that a change of scenery takes at least three months. To say goodbye to the usual white or light gray color of the walls and open the door to a more extravagant wallpaper design needs time to think.

But anticipation is always the best joy. Just browse our favorites: Cole&Son, Osborne & Little or Timorous Beasties and order wallpaper samples. After further reflection and further market research, you will find that recently there are again many but few good wallpaper suppliers and you may return to the previously mentioned wallpaper masters.

Then there are two options: You put the wallpaper idea aside for now and paint with a new color or have it repainted, or you try to hire an expert upholsterer for your new home. However, their addresses are highly traded right now, because many at the moment have the desire to give their own rooms more atmosphere. Don’t give up, it pays to invest in the home.

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