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Natural cosmetics with depth

The classic bar of soap is back. You can do without a lot of things that are ecologically questionable in liquid soaps and their packaging. At the soap of Dr. However, there are other important aspects to Bronner’s history of the company and its founder.

A soap couldn’t be more relevant at the moment

For many years, the soaps from Dr. Bronner’s a hidden gem and only available across the Channel and across the Atlantic. So many suitcases in England or the USA were also filled with soaps, which were enthusiastically received as a gift by friends with sensitive skin. The soaps are now readily available almost everywhere in Europe, including in drugstores.

dr Bronner’s has German roots. The ancestors of Emanuel Heilbronner, the founder of Dr. Bronner’s, opened their first soap factory in Laupheim near Ulm in 1858. In 1929 Emanuel Heilbronner emigrated to the USA. In protest against the seizure of power by the National Socialists, he removed the word Heil from his surname and called himself Emanuel Bronner from then on.

The fate of his family, his parents died in concentration camps in Germany, shaped Emanuel Bronner (1908 – 1997), who fought for a world without war and hatred throughout his life.

We are all One or None

His belief “We are all One or None” is still evident on the label of Dr. to read Bronner’s.

High quality and environmental friendliness were important to Emanuel Bronner at a time when the word natural cosmetics still had little meaning and followers. the dr Bronner’s Almond Soap consists of a composition of organic coconut, olive, hemp and jojoba oils with a natural almond aroma.

The soap is free of synthetic foaming agents, an argument that is gaining traction, and contains no preservatives, thickeners or petrochemicals. The foam of the soap is created solely by the specific combination of natural ingredients. The soothing, very subtle almond scent of the soap is also due to this.

If you love the good feeling of cleaning your face from pollutants and dirt with soap in the evening, this soap is a good recommendation, because the almond soap from Dr. Bronner’s does this gently and effectively at the same time. It leaves no residue, so the skin can breathe. Of course, the soap is also suitable for all our constant, important hand washing.

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