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A bit boring, but great as food

Hungry in the evening on a day when you’ve actually eaten enough? Quark: that’s all it takes.

In Germany, quark can be found in every supermarket and is somewhat boring, so it is usually overlooked. The British, on the other hand, have only discovered quark in recent years and on the island good old quark, which has always played an important role in many Eastern European cuisines, is declared a kind of superfood.

Whenever you feel ravenous but know exactly that you have long since reached the calorie limit for the day, quark is a good solution: lots of protein, comparatively little fat and filling.

In addition, quark contains calcium and phosphate, which are important for the bones, is rich in vitamins and contains a number of other important trace elements. The antibacterial effect is good for the stomach and intestinal tract, and the cooling, anti-inflammatory effect of quark can also be used (if there is really nothing else available) to cool the skin in case of sunburn.

Many health-promoting ingredients and filling: this somewhat old-fashioned food is worth rediscovering, whether for breakfast or dinner.

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Because there is another argument in its favour: it only takes seconds to pour the curd from the fridge into an attractive bowl or plate. Eating curd straight from the package should be left to efficiency-oriented sports enthusiasts without visual pretensions. They love the positive properties of quark as an aid to muscle building.

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