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Trouvailles are finds that mean a lot to us and therefore have a very special value.


As soon as we discover a precious find,
we know what it can mean to us.
Sometimes the heart wins, sometimes the head.

A rainy Sunday in London. The exhibition was inspiring, but back on the street, the wet pavement and gray houses seem bleak. The cafes, where customers crowd around the counter during the week, are gently sleeping and the pubs with cold beer are unpromising on this day. Most of the stores are closed, but from one store warm light falls on the rain-soaked street.

More as a shelter from the icy wind and cold rain, I enter and politely take a turn. Among blankets, pillows, carafes and bathing utensils stands a glass object from the Swedish company Costa Boda from the fifties. Hand-blown, with asymmetrical shape and incredible red through which the sun shines on bright days.

Not perfect and just therefore so special. It only takes seconds. The heart wins. Since then, this trouvaille accompanies me from place to place. It has survived many moves and has traveled well protected in hand luggage, when you were still allowed to take glass into the cabin. Actually designed as a vase, it is actually not usable as such. But every day my eyes fall on it and I am happy about this find and my spontaneous decision. The Buddha that I had discovered in the shop window in St. Germain in Paris on a cold February day stayed there. To this day, I regret not following my heart at that moment.

We recognize the trouvaille the moment we see you. We often discover these finds while traveling, where our eyes are more open and our walk through unfamiliar terrain is usually a bit slower than in everyday life, where we want to get from A to B as quickly as possible along familiar paths.

Have you also passed by a trouvaille and still think about it? Or do you enjoy a trouvaille because at that moment you let the heart decide? Write to us, we look forward to hearing about your find.

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