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Martini Cocktail

Martini Cocktail


James Bond is cult and not yet history. His favorite drink has it all.

A martini is a favorite at every bar around the world
Drink, before or after the new James Bond.
Here are the most important questions and answers about the martini.
Because … small talk never dies.

At a reputable bar, the bartender will take your order, “One martini, please,” without even batting an eyelid. A good bartender is always an excellent judge of human nature. He will serve you the martini he thinks suits you. He would never ask a question.

There are now two options: continue to only go to the bar you trust, or continue reading here in case you happen to come across a bar where they ask you which martini you would like to order?

There is no martini

Even if the martini is a classic drink, the basic ingredients are variable to a certain extent. Gin and a dry white vermouth (Dry White Vermouth – after all, this is Her Majesty’s agent) definitely belong in the martini.

Optional is the addition of small amounts of orange or angostura bitters, which give the martini a slightly sweeter, spicier note. The addition of a twisted lemon zest and the well-known olive on the skewer are variants that can vary from bar to bar or as desired.

Ideally, the zest comes from an untreated lemon that has ripened on the Amalfi Coast. But who is perfect besides Daniel Craig? With an elegant twist, the martini is lightly scented with lemon and the zest is then added to the martini glass. Of course, a natural lemon should be used for this.

In the first martini recipes of the 19th century, the proportion of wormwood and bitter substances was much higher compared to today’s martini recipes. Usually only a hint of bitter is used nowadays.

Martini or martini cocktail?

The classic martini is usually assumed to be a dry martini, which contains gin and dry vermouth in a ratio of 2:1. But here too there are numerous variations. Depending on the bartender, it can also be a ratio of 6 parts gin to 1 part vermouth.

Winston Churchill is said to have preferred the driest version of the martini. It was enough for him if the vermouth bottle had been in the cupboard next to the gin bottle. Order a Churchill martini and get an iced glass of ice cold gin.

The martini cocktail, on the other hand, contains gin and vermouth in a 1:1 ratio. Compared to the dry martini, the martini cocktail uses a slightly sweeter light vermouth.

Only a pleasure ice cold

The temperature is crucial to the flavor of the martini. It HAS to be cold. To achieve this, maximally chilled martini glasses and frosted bottles are used.

Purists are of the opinion that the gin bottle should be as heavily frozen as possible so that the gin flows like a syrup into an ice-cold glass that has just been swirled or spritzed with ice-cold vermouth. If any other ingredient is omitted, it is called a naked martini.

Most bars mix gin and vermouth with ice when ordering a martini.

Shaken or stirred is the question here

In the stirred version, gin, vermouth and ice cubes are stirred in a small oblong vessel with a stick. The ice cubes are then strained with a sieve and the ice-cold martini is served immediately.

If you are not sitting at the bar or in the immediate vicinity of the bar, then in a stylish bar the ingredients are brought to the table on a small trolley and the preparation of the martini is celebrated there. Undoubtedly the most elegant format.

The shaken version is prepared in a cocktail shaker. The violent movements mean that the ingredients mix a little faster and more intensively and the drink gets cooler, but also a little cloudy in the glass. The rougher treatment of the gin, according to martini aficionados, jars the gin too hard. Strictly speaking, the Shaken Martini is a Bradford.

What would James Bond say?

James Bond author Ian Fleming lets Dr. James Bond’s antagonist No, in the episode Diamonds Are Forever, make a martini for Agent 007 with the words “shaken not stirred”.

Only years later, in the episode Goldfinger, did Sean Connery order his martini “shake, not stirred” and from then on the phrase became a dictum in many James Bond films.

never say Never

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Connoisseurs would never prepare a martini with vodka but only with gin. However, since vodka brands are among the important sponsors of the James Bond films, Agent 007 has become weak.

At Casino Royal, James Bond orders a martini that is 3 parts Gordon Gin, 1 part vodka and 1/2 part Kina Lillet,

which the bartender should serve with a piece of lemon zest in a deep champagne glass. He names the drink after Vesper Lynd with the name Vesper.

Vespers can be found on many bar menus, as does the dirty martini, which features a shot of the brine used to preserve the olives. Well, to each his own – you only live twice.


Gone are the days when you started lunch or dinner with business partners from the USA with a triple martini. The New York Times even reports on bars in New York preparing the martini for greater efficiency and stocking it ready-mixed in large chilled bottles. Certainly not our cup of tea.

The classic martini, cooked to perfection by the knowledgeable bartender on a relaxing evening in a beautiful bar, remains a favorite drink of GloriousMe and many others.

Since Martini is made from relatively few ingredients, it is one of the straight drinks. This has the advantage that you can assess the effect of the martini relatively well. In many other cocktail recipes, the alcohol content is initially disguised with a high proportion of sugar, fruit acids or liqueurs, until the next morning your head emits pounding warning signals with a clear message: Please never again!

Not only the James Bond novels have contributed to the mysticism surrounding the martini. Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca: “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.”

In addition, the elegance of the classic martini glass cannot be beat. The next James Bond can come, you are prepared.

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