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The most important do’s and don’ts for cosmetics when travelling.

At home, the cosmetics cabinet is well stocked and the perfect look is more a question of the choices we make. With these do’s and don’ts, you can achieve the perfect look on the go.



While at home you should stock up on cosmetics in all colours and different dosage forms such as powder, liquid and gel, for travel you should only pack two extremes at a time:

Which lipstick would be appropriate for an audience with the Pope and which lipstick colour will get you admiring glances? You pack exactly these two colours.

Do the same for eye make-up: Pack only the look that you can vary more or less dramatically.


For this occasion I could use … need. Forget it. Time is always short when travelling. Concentrate on the important and beautiful things you experience on your travels instead of wasting precious minutes already in the morning with the agony of choice.


All cosmetic products that you use every day, such as creams, oil, eye make-up remover, deodorant, perfume, etc. should be filled into small travel containers.


Many cosmetic products are quite elaborately packaged. There are eye make-up colour combinations in beautiful luxurious-looking metal packaging that could easily be used for weight training. Do not even think about, taking them with you.

Even the most perfect look won’t work if you look exhausted because you’ve been carrying too heavy a load all day. A well-stuffed handbag can easily weigh up to ten kilograms. Travel light and look glamorous.


Every handbag these days should contain face masks and a small bottle of sterilising liquid.

So even the horrors of the toilets on trains, planes and many a motorway service station won’t harm you.

Afterwards, however, a hand cream is called for that cares and smells pleasant, such as Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm by Aesop, with the scent of mandarin, rosemary and Atlas cedar. A skincare favourite of ours for many years and also available in 75ml.


You should not do without sufficient liquid, especially when travelling. If you store your hard contact lenses in water at home, it is better not to do so abroad. Do not rely on local water hygiene, but pack contact lens solution.


Sunglasses are a must in your hand luggage, as the sun’s rays can damage your eyes even through the light of a conservatory or car window. You have sunscreen with you, don’t you?


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As a result of climate change, unaccustomed diet, staying in highly air-conditioned rooms or means of transport, the skin tends to show irritation. However, you should tackle skin blemishes with a drop of essential lavender oil. Please do not use a quick fix – the consequences are devastating, especially when travelling.


A good essential oil, such as almond oil or jojoba oil, should be packed in a small container and kept with you at all times. In the morning and in the evening, you can use it to remove the last traces of make-up and at the same time provide your skin with excellent care.

Especially when travelling, the skin is often exposed to harsh climates. The oil soothes and gives the skin important care units.


Quantas was known for the saying “Alcohol is fun. At 35,OOO feet, it is madness”. As tempting as that glass of champagne, gin & tonic or red wine is on the plane with all the anticipation of a beautiful faraway destination.

You pay a high price for it, as the effects of alcohol are amplified many times over in the cabin of the plane.

Even if there are no photographers waiting for you at the arrival gate: don’t ruin your look lightly.

So rather look forward to a wonderful drink at your destination and also leave cosmetic products such as toners containing alcohol at home. The alcohol in toners will further dry out your skin, which usually suffers from insufficient moisture when travelling.

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