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Far better than its reputation

In England, people love Glorious May and pay homage to him with music, song and dance. If you talk about October, the color gold is guaranteed to follow in the second sentence. We all look forward to summer, but hardly anyone is eagerly anticipating November. At the same time, the month of November is one of the best months, even this year.

November, a completely underestimated month

In “normal” times the summer is, apart from everything else, filled with leisure activities, in order to savor as much as possible every ray of sunshine . In the fall, the business activities increase again rapidly, because now everyone is “on board again”, with the exception of those who are on autumn vacation, because the dark, gray, rainy November is looming.

 In the northern hemisphere, it gets colder, the winds get harsher and it rains more often. But these are not reasons not to like November, because with the right attitude and clothing, a walk in the fog or running in the rain can be a great pleasure.

A signal to our body to give it a little more rest

In November, the light is duller during the day and the dark evening seems to start already in the late afternoon. The lack of light is a signal to our body to give it a little more rest. We should take this seriously, especially this year.

The Corona pandemic and its aftermath are causing many people to experience increased stress and anxiety, increased nightmares to anxiety. Even the hopes for the registered vaccines will not immediately fix everything.

The experts’ advice for counteracting the psychological consequences of 2020 is almost unanimous: Grounding.

  • Allowing yourself more rest than usual. 
  • Conscious Breathing. Two simple exercises are
  • Healthy food. A warm broth is good for you.
    is the recipe for it.
  • If possible,
    and work with your hands in the soil to bring yourself back into connection with the earth.
  • Sports. Did we already mention that
    is especially good in the rain?
  • Maintain contacts. Who’s at the bottom of your WhatsApp list right now? Give us a call.
  • Do not forget passion and joy. No matter what it is, whether homemade
    to play an instrument or to
     trying out.

Germany’s best-known virologist, Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten, Charité, is also currently speaking in his Schiller speech about the elementary importance of passion and fire in our lives.

Light a fire

“Remember, remember! 

The fifth of November,

The Gunpowder reason and plot; 

I know of no reason

Why the Gunpowder treason should ever be forgotten!”

This poem, reminiscent of Guy Fawkes and the conspiracy of a group of religious Catholics to replace the Protestant King James I with a Catholic king, is learned by every child in England. The conspirators planned to detonate the 36 barrels of gunpowder they had secretly deposited in the basement of the parliament on the day of its opening.

The planned attack was uncovered by treason, the Parliament building, the King, the Dukes and Bishops traditionally present for the opening of Parliament and central London were spared the devastation  of a possible explosion.

To this day, on the day of the opening of Parliament , the basement of the Houses of Parliament is traditionally given an additional inspection by the Yeomen of the Guard, the Queen’s colorfully dressed bodyguards. Better safe than sorry.

The evening of Guy Fawkes Day is a particularly popular evening in England. In remembrance of the Gunpowder Plot, a fire is lit and/or fireworks are set off in many communities and private gardens on Bonfire Night. This year, in England, Bonfire Night festivities were mostly limited to a sparkler with a drink. But hardly any Englishman let himself be deprived of the latter. That’s good. Always look at the bright side of life.

The power of fire

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In many cultures, fire plays a major role in traditional events. With the Easter fire the shadows of the winter are driven away, Diwali, the festival of the light, falls in each case into the time October/November and the burning lights of the oil lamps in India and in many other places are a symbol of the triumphal procession of the good over the evil.

So some already papers or letters in a fireproof bowl or in the fire-place burned, in order to separate thereby symbolically finally from their contents .

For this the month of November is particularly suitable.

A month in which we can close, but also should remember. To the important events of history, which hopefully will never be repeated.

Say thank you without Turkey

Thanksgiving, on the fourth Thursday of November each year, is an important family tradition in the USA and the feast to say thank you. This also works without turkey and family celebration and outside the United States of America.

November has many good sides and is a highly underrated month that we should use as a reminder to take a short break and give thanks. Because even in this year of the pandemic, which was and is extremely challenging for many, many good things also happened .

We are sure, you think to this much , which in normal years simply under the table would have fallen. In “normal” years, November is a transitional month between the golden month of October and the hectic end-of-year celebrations in December.

Christmas in its usual form will most likely be cancelled this year. Therefore, November is the ideal month to plan the coming year in order to focus on the really important issues. This year, there’s no reason to wait until Dec. 31 to make New Year’s resolutions.

And in the coming year there is no reason not to look forward to the completely underestimated month of November. Perhaps even trips will become possible again, because the lagoon city
 suits the November fog particularly well and Paris shows in November far more romantic than in spring. November is one of the best months of the year from our point of view .

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